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And there's a list if you haven't even if you picked up the beavers i don't even. I didn't even look at that story. But it's got airplanes and beavers in the title so you guys have heard Well you've been out here and talk about. The big ditch runs around wichita. Yeah it runs right along the east side of the mid continent airport or eisenhower's i call it now. Well somebody use it as an emergency runway. Put an airplane in it. When was getting it out of. There's gotta be an interesting process. Yeah david wendy. When does happen just the other day I didn't get enough of a report to know whether that was this morning but it looked like it was yesterday yesterday evening and i imagine when i dive into it and get the details and find out that the guy was on approach to the airport or climbing out of the airport Because the big ditch is just right there underneath your when you're coming in and lots of open space nothing smooth yeah nothing. I'd wanna landed a tricycle area but and it looks like a light sport. The little photograph that the website had showed a canopy bubble canopy and two of torri really thin long propeller blades. So i'm betting it's an experimental or light sport and i'll tell you many got are just got to be careful flying these little airplanes. I know really. It's just you know if god meant for you know it's Yeah as far as the gore smooth ground is concerned. I don't know maybe the guy wasn't familiar with the for being on the ground. Because i would imagine from. The air looks pretty enticing. I would imagine this from long straight dry stretches that said there's my spot right there and and it's only when you get down on short final and you go well. Maybe i'm going around. No i guess not. So yeah i take it out but otherwise it was a relatively successful forced landing from no no injuries. Nobody went to hospital. No word on the airplane shape. Yeah i'll i saw a little bullet going and i'll dive into that afterward on interesting. Did you guys he this. So it's the second item on the list. Here what is it yeah. I queued up for that too. Is it is. Is this a real all right. So according to this story this particular guy in this particular airplane. Are we rolling yet aware. Been rolling for awhile now. We got david story. And we're yeah. We're just segue saying this is going to be. This is going to be a free form thursday. You go george. Yeah really yeah. Earn your editing money this week so according to a catherine's report which as i understand it as a fairly reputable it's consistent about that consistent. Anyways story here is this guy. One particular guy in one particular airplane managed to crash it. And i'm going to use the word crash crash. The airplane four times in eight days. I i just i mean. Let's just put aside for a second. What this the questions. This raises about his piloting skills. Okay let's just say that after the second crash i probably wouldn't fly for a little while. Okay i've had enough for now. I'm going to stop. You're you've got this teed up jeb in what regard. Tell us what he's not. I have something similar you do. Have you crashed four times and eight now no something something that was in a most recent aviation safety yeah have quotes from. Ntsb you wanna go. I'll read them right now. Please do so we didn't. We didn't really got it in detail about this guy. These quotes are about this guy. This guy about a different airplane. Okay go ahead but looking at catherine's report here. Yeah for crash. Four times incident or accident substantial damage in one of them before like third. Second one or something. I you know. And the guy ended up ditching in michigan or something so anyway these are direct quotes from the ntsb. Okay quote to empty beer. Cans were found in the front left. Floorboard area near the rudder. Pedals a rodents nest was found inside the left wing. A significant amount of cobwebs were observed in the engine compartment the airbox was clear of obstructions a large mud. Dubber nest was found in the fence of the oil cooler. Okay the lt was found in place with battery. Acid residue on the outside of the case on automotive battery was installed in the airplane. That's a direct quote from the ntsb and to top it all off. He had automotive hose running from the gas collider to the carburetors clearly like an automatic a hydraulic cho's manufactured in july twenty thirteen according to the end esp And what brought the airplane was quote. Organic debris similar to insect cocoons was found in the fuel stranger which was mostly full of liquid consistent with one hundred lowland fuel tested negative for water mostly consistent with one under lola. Because that's what i'm going for. You know what i what. I'm yes my fuel. The guy's blood alcohol was was elevated. Show he said. That's that's what alcohol was also mostly consistent with one hundred. He was killed. Sadly okay all right. Now we're making wave you've done to me now but but still i mean come on the way titled this was was every rule book but He had three passengers. they all survived. Well okay that's good. I mean right. Yeah wow mostly consistent with one hundred yeah. Yeah so i mean there's a lot of crazy stuff out so yeah. There are people who i see. You know. I don't know in pop culture. Some might consider this to be romantic. This is kind of like yeah. You know the the the barnstorming pilots you know. It's like robert redford fixed. The wing abs airplane with a piece of his handkerchief and strip of duct tape. You know i mean right. That's from the movie. he did that. And that was you know is that was showing that that that What was his characters name in that. Movie waldo pepper waldo over waldo pepper. Was there had the right stuff right. You know and maybe no. Maybe we shouldn't do this. the four four crashes in eight days guy. Let's see now. And this is recent. This is just recent. June twenty six twenty one aircraft landed gear up at bracket field. Airport in laverne..

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