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Dodgers. Last night became the second team in baseball to clinch a playoff spot. Unfortunately for the dodgers the first team to clinch is the team is ahead of them in division the giants. It's likely the giants and dodgers will finish with more wins than every other team yet. One of them is headed to a single elimination wildcard game. We'll bomb. Is this good for baseball. No tony not only. Is it bad for baseball. It's stupid for baseball. It's lazy and stubborn of baseball because you want to see these teams at least as late as they can play each other. Whatever round was set that up in this case the naturally championship series. If possible if they played to that so all you gotta do a seat it. that's all just seeded. I mean other sports do. This is not that hard. As a matter of fact there's always discussion for basketball about seeding the tire playoffs. So that you don't have to best teams playing in the second round. You don't want that. And so what baseball's doing here by possibly having the giants and dodgers face off we're not face off. Having one of those teams perhaps eliminate it. It's just dumb tony. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. it's indefensible. Yeah so i don't think it is fair. I don't think it's fair that the team that comes in second in that division. That has a better record than twenty eight other teams in baseball. Yeah should face a single elimination. I don't think it's fair but the question is is a fair. The question is is a good for baseball. And i kinda think it is. I'm different than you. And i'll tell you why it's pretty rare only happens once every eight or ten years. What it will do is almost ensured that the giants and the dodgers will be playing as hard as they can all the way till at least the last weekend. If it's decided in the last weekend then it puts a tremendous amount of attention on that particular wildcard game and it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on either the giants of the dodgers who have to be in that particular wildcard game. It makes the baseball playoffs. More like the. Nfl playoffs would single elimination and to me. That's good for viewers and fans. I know you are steve producer. Eric ride home. You want to make everything. Tv show you want everybody with a tiara. Walking down the boardwalk in jersey city. I'm not with that sport. Sport has its own identity. Everything doesn't need to be a tv show. If television wants to peek in fine but don't set it up in that lazy way for tv is not fair and tony. You still miss more of a good product late in your televisions aid series having the four seven. So that's right. That's an assumption that someone is going to get eliminated. I'll tell you what would be best of all if after one hundred sixty two games the giants and the dodgers tied and they had a one game. Playoff would be in san francisco san francisco when tim nine in the season syria and then the loser that gets bound started that and into the wild card where can lose again now to that drama is worth it to me and i don't really did you. Did i hear you correctly. Are you gonna walk down. Atlantic city and tr. Did you say that's what you want. Wow i was good walk. Somebody's been walking for like how long was that pageant around like ninety years. Let's move on to the nba. Where by the way. They're playing situation. Involves the bottom teams at the bottom where john wall could not be playing tony for the houston rockets. Much longer. the team in the star guard reportedly agreed to work together to find his next team. Wal- average twenty one and seven over forty games last season while coming back from achilles here but the rockets have two young guards and the team have wall and have mutually decided that a bench role would not benefit either party. So what are you see tone futures of wall and the rockets. I'll take the rockets. I because it's easier in the near term. They are a disaster. They won't win. Twenty five games in the last two years. Now of who's gone harden has gone. They got nothing westbrook. They traded drug wall. And now you know now wall is going. I look what they've lost and just a year year and a half or something like that. Wall is more complicated. I don't know what his value is. He's never won anything. He's grossly overpaid at this point in his career. He is injury prone at this point in his career. He spent last year saying he wanted to get out of washington. Now he's saying he wants to get out of houston. I don't always on al content at this point. No he's not he didn't say wants to get out of houston in fact he said he didn't want he would work with whatever they wanted to do. And everybody there houston and said he's been great so he's not a malcontent so then why because they want to play two other guys. And i've got the guys they wanna play. In addition to having christian maybe healthy again and jalen green who seems to be a fee nom on the rest. They got kevin porter jr. they got this turkish kid. Who's like six ten. i sing. Goon his last name. They got margin. They're building all right and they don't want a guy who makes forty six million dollars and is thirty years old. They don't really want that guy. Taking time away from the young guards. And i kevin porter jewelry i did. Because he's one of them. So tony houston wants to go with a complete rebuild and a youth movement and wall doesn't fit that and he is said. Okay what do you. How do you wanna handle this so good for john. Wall makes it attracted to somebody else but you mentioned the salary. I know people that trade you to matt massive salaries before but his seems to be the most difficult contract going to who is going to trade for him. This is somebody who still runs ahead of all of his teammates. He doesn't make his teammates better scores a lot of points. He has talent of the clippers. Going to trade for him. Is dallas going to trade down trade from is portland gonna give damian lillard for john wall what is value. I think it sinking. I think it's sinking okay. Value is a difficult thing to figure out tony young on forty five million dollars for each of the next two years. Wow we move now to a report by adam schefter. Espn eric the enemy. Currently the offensive coordinator of the kansas city chiefs and i quote will emerge as a head coaching candidate for usc unquote. The enemy has no particular ties to usc but he grew up in southern california. Schefter says be enemy is told people. Usc is one of the only college jobs that would interest him. We'll von does be enemy as usc's head coach makes sense to you. Maybe maybe so. I think you need somebody who's invested and who also understands how important we talked about this yesterday. How important that program has been historically though not now and be enemies seems to have that and so yes it'd be lodge was nobody from the h from nhl from the nfl is chasing them. Down here. nate. You'll probably would hire him for some of the teams in the nfl. And so yeah. I was hoping he'd be interested a little cold weather experience right down the street from where i'm sitting right now. He can come in coach a young quarterback and maybe a talented young team. They're better than the guy who's failing at it but it's only be enemy long as well as a wait for the nfl to come calling. So if a team in the place he grew up we may have. Some affinity is open to him. The and that's a difficult job and maybe as difficult as the nfl job of the outrageous expectations. Yeah i mean. I would say that you know the eric. The enemy is a completely reasonable candidate. Because i don't know if he can recruit but here's what he can do. we can walk into. somebody's house. Quarterbacks house and quarterback says who have you worked with and he says patrick mahomes you ever heard of him. He can trump travis chelsea's name to a tight end prospect. He can talk about tyreek hill too wide receiver prospect. And when he's done doing that they're going to say i'm gonna sign with usc. So i think. I think he has stature. I think he has a certain amount of fame. I think he has credibility but it doesn't usually work first of all. It goes the other way people go college to pro at usc. Pete carroll win college to pro though he went back and forth john mccain john robinson did that..

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