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As part of a test of the courts views on abortion rights in a five four vote late yesterday. The court said it will not allow the state to put in place a law requiring abortion providers have admission privileges at nearby hospitals. On Wall Street today, the Dow was down sixty three points. This is NPR. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Lance lucky. A New York City man has been arrested on federal charges of trying to join a Pakistan based terrorist group. US attorney Jeffrey Berman says twenty nine year old. Hey, Seuss Wilfredo Encarnacion was arrested yesterday. He tried to board a flight to Pakistan. He says on went online to try to join the militant group Lashkar a tie a tie, which has been blamed for high profile attacks, including the two thousand eight Mumbai attacks that killed one hundred sixty eight people MTA officials say they're closer to figuring out. What's causing the noxious fumes on the L train? The agency is pointing its finger at fuel leaking underground, Gotha. Mus Jake often hearts has been following the story. The MTA is now saying that the source of snow, maybe an abandoned diesel tink which is buried under a former gas station in east Williamsburg, and that's the first we've heard about that. But it's also not confirm yet L train rider say they've been getting headaches and other symptoms since the smell began five days ago. Four MTA workers have been hospitalized after prolonged exposure to the fumes the MTA shut down the line for two hours on Tuesday. But otherwise has said it is safe to ride the line commuting is about to get a bit easier for those driving between Staten Island and New Jersey port authority officials say all four lanes of the Bayonne bridge will reopen on Monday commuters have only had access to to over the past two years construction on the bridge is part of a six year one point seven billion dollar project to open New Jersey ports to more cargo. Ships.

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