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The Robert Gaston high heart rate news I'm Carmen Roberts president trouble proves an emergency declaration for Porter Rico that's about to be hit by tropical storm Dorian and is still recovering from hurricane Maria twenty seventeen there are still thirty thousand homes here with hearts on their roofs the power grid is also still fragile with outages in regular rain storm so that could happen again fox's Rick Leventhal in San Juan Dorian may not reach hurricane strength until it passes Porter Rico right now we're taking that is more than likely will be a hurricane as it moves toward the Bahamas the religious Dave Roberts with the national hurricane center talk about a grand opening the first store in China yesterday and was forced to close the doors just hours later as bargain hungry shoppers want the store we go dot com posting video of the man America is listening now your storm team ten forecast powered by Duncan pumpkin season is here at Duncan coffees lot Tay's donuts and more changes ahead for us today as showers and thunderstorms become more numerous through the morning into the afternoon noticeably more humid later today as well with highs in the upper seventies possibility for some local flash flooding into the overnight hours as these heavy showers and thunderstorms passed through rain will end early Thursday morning with increasing amounts of sunshine Thursday afternoon high temperatures reaching the low eighties I'm storm team ten meter also mark sorrels on newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM never saw do you're listening to the coast to coast AM with George Noory our special guest tonight Neale Donald Walsh his latest book the essential path is websites linked up and coast to coast AM dot com date dot com that's our dating service you can have a great time meeting people that really get you as it approaches eighty eight thousand members free to sign up give.

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