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Quick Eric Hanson update who is working from home negative test earlier this week, waiting for his second Corona virus test he his wife, his daughter feeling better, and I'm not entirely sure they have it still don't know. Got her fingers crossed. We're praying for Eric and Gena and and their daughter, but so far so good. We've got some good news to share. And with that good news comes the opportunity for you. To make a difference in the lives of Children. I've been calling people all afternoon yesterday evening, I was calling people who made $1000 donations because I opened up my big yap and I said, if you gave $1000 to help the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy. Through our Christian ministry partners, food for the poor. I'll call you and personally thank you. And of course, that turns into a great conversation with everybody. I don't mind. I told you the best of the best news I could get would be to call a lot of people. Um, listen, the Corona virus pandemic has made things really, really rough for the starving needy Children in Haiti, Guatemala all over the world. Food for the poor is everywhere. You know what's amazing is you can change a life. $37 will feed a starving child in Haiti. Three meals a day. For six months, $150 will feed four Children for six months. Almost everybody I call I've called so far because what I said earlier was if you give $1000 I'll give you a call to personally Thank you. It's tax deductible. Almost everybody I called said that the gods spoke to them and their heart was touched by realizing that For just a few clicks of a mouse. You could save lives. And I am so optimistic that today we're gonna have a huge day. I've been looking for 50 listeners to donate $100. Yesterday out of $100 donors. We're going to be picking some guest co hosts kind of a fun little contest. We did. Hey, we've set it up for you to make it so easy for you to donate. All you have to do is go to mike online dot com. Click on that emergency food relief better at the very top of the page where you could just call 844860 Hope You got paid today? You want to pay it forward a little bit. Just put aside $5100. $10. Whatever you, Khun give Call 84480 Hope..

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