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Of different species. Those species literally educate your immune system. That we've got your back. Whatever you're going to swallow will take care of and even if we don't they're not going to bother you and you guys can just rest and stand down. I'm a perfect example of that. I got allergy shots for most of my teenage and young adult life. I don't have any allergies anymore. I was allergic every mold. There was I could live in a moldy house. I will not have any reaction to mold exposure because my immune system is different by the way the Italian government has issued statements that there are no micro-toxins in Espresso so there are not Because the process even if there were the cooking process the high temperature kills and deactivates any mycotoxin. Same Way with chocolate. So if you react to these molds or fungi it's because your immune system is hyper reactive and that's actually telling you. These guys are not the problem. The problem is you got leaky gut. And you got a horrible imbalance microbiome. We fix that. That problem goes away as it did with one of the world's experts in micro-toxins when we changed her leaky gut. So that's it for this week from the Doctor Gunnery podcast. Please send your questions on in. It's really fun to get a chance to answer your questions and send more and we'll be happy to put me on the firing line because I'm Dr Gunnery and I'm always looking out for you. Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Doctor Country..

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