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Djokovic's going for history for the Grand Slam yesterday, The U. S open. He was wiped out in straight sets by the Neil Medvedev. Here's Djokovic tonight even though I have not won the match my heart is filled with joy. And I'm the happiest man alive because you guys made me feel very special. That was a nice thing to say. Let's bring in water wolf, our sportscasting legend buddy, and, uh, wonder shows you just how hard it is to win a Grand slam in a calendar year. That's right land. Well, you know this. This was a Monday when we were on television. We'd always save more time. More time. No, no, It was a great day of sports. But, uh, tennis was a terrific tournament. By the way. It really was, yes. And what's great is you're going to see the those two women Layla Fernandez and radical note. You're going to see them for a long time. They may be playing each other every year, so it's new faces. When I was thinking of the greater the tennis Grand Slam the same year. Uh, only two men. Of course in three women have done it in the history. How would it compare? With other sports. So first I took baseball only. Well, you had 10 men have won the Triple Crown. Mhm. Michael know what the Triple Crown is? I don't even don't even go there, and we don't have time. Need more time. Order more time. Okay, Well, Michael, that's what a guy wins the batting title home Run Title RB title, same year and then I saw, you know. You know that 13 horses have won the Triple Crown, but here it is in golf. It has been tougher. To win all four majors than in tennis. Not one golfer has ever won all four majors the same year Tiger Woods, of course. He won the last three in 2000 and the Masters in 01, but it wasn't the same year. And Ben Hogan won the 1st 3 1953. But he couldn't go for the fourth because the PGA was being played while he was winning the British Open. So that's crazy. Yeah, it's tough. And, uh, that's as far as the Giants and Jets. CA is gonna be a long season for both of them. And poor Joe. I've got to tell you that the Giants look like the same old giants of last year. And Daniel Jones. You know, this is just third year he does not look like he will ever turn into Phil Simms or Eli or why a turtle And again, it looks like the Giants wasted that 2000 and 18 draft choice with, say, Kwan Barkley when they could have had two quarterbacks, Uh Primary, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. He was no factor at all. And the Jets. With a new quarterback Zach Wilson. I'll say this. He did come alive in the second. He did. He had his moments. One. Yeah, he looked. He looked decent, especially when you consider he was sacks six times. And had least four passes dropped. And speaking of the NFL, you guys you remember when Roger Goodell was only three years ago? He's a gambling. We'll never have a place in the NFL. Well now no less than 26 States and the District of Columbia have NFL betting markets, including for the first time the NFL allows sports betting commercials while you're watching the game. All I could think of was Paul Horning and Alex caress. Sure forget right there rolling over in their graves. I think And there's a There's another thing here. I don't know if you don't want to call this blackmail or extortion, the NFL told all running backs, Titans, linebackers and defensive ends, They could change their jersey number of the uniform this season. To single digit numbers, and the player said, Oh, man, that's great. But if you do, you will have to buy up all the old original number jerseys from all the NFL outlets. You're kidding. What? No, no. So what? The Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. He wanted to trade in his number 33 for a single digit number four. And then he realized, uh, the NFL said Okay, we'll do it. It will cost you a million and a half dollars to buy back all your turn. That's what, uh, just don't be. That's just doping. He kept his number 33. Well, why is the NFL doing that? They don't need the money. We don't need the money, maybe to pay the salaries. Who knows? But they don't need the money, You know, Look at all the money. I mean, that's what it's all about The NFL It's a business. And you were talking about? I didn't see if the Yankee uh, too late for me, Yankee myths team where they were whistling and all. But, you know, uh, That goes on if you don't use Elektronik, or mechanical devices. You can do it. Whatever you want. I told this story many times. Bob Turley was a certainly as a young winner for the Yankees. He would sit next to Casey Stengel in the dugout because Turley was a master at stealing signs. So Jim Bunning was pitching for Detroit. Anything through at Mickey Mantle and Mail said, If you ever do that again, I'll bunt down the first base line and run you over. So, Bunning says, Well, you tell Turley to stop stealing my signals. A a tough game. A Warner. We got to run but some great stuff and, uh and you're right. It was a great day to be a TV sportscaster the Monday after the open and opening a football. Those were good times. Yep. Yeah. Okay, gentlemen. Thank you. Wow. Great Wonder Wolf, And he's right about Paul Horning and Alex carries suspended for gambling. And now gambling is the rage. Everything's legal in the NFL. You've got a team in Las Vegas. So there you go. Coming up next quite a day for the former president, where he was and where he wasn't And that is coming up. We'll give your immune system a huge boost. Give your body the nutrients over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, all by taking balance of nature's fruits and veggies in a capsule balance of nature has taken 31 different whole ripened fruits and vegetables and ground into capsules in order to keep all the nutrients of over 10 servings of fruits.

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