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Sure, I had to take them to these college fine. Make hit take it to the playoffs. You already greatest boy of Alta. What if you go to this team Davis nonstop team in team? Not mobile Davis. That's make that team. 'cause then you only with them and you'll be like really Kate deal with the anti David through knee. He always got to play with them buddy was breath through Steph. I wanna see Kaby when hearts back of the fans, and that you can do by going to team that ain't want alone too. I don't have a legitimate MVP or any all star gap, wink, wink, New York, LA clips. Can I talk about the wizards? Yes, you always three when they any. No, it's once we, but I just re tweet over and don't because. Any other thing? We don't know we never will. He gave us up. The he says he's still going to different back specialist. First of all, but wizards fans have become an after before that once we did I keep between. See like, yo you can't get your opinion on them right now. We don't even have the way how we're which you say is valid argument because he is their starting center. But I promise you, I promise you, do I is not solving those locker room problems y'all may have not heard of this because I didn't even get the notification of it Bradley, Bradley Beal already taking shots at each other. We are six games into the season. He not nothing that he did this before they guess things like five the fifth game. He said they got players at a worry about the stats. So. John wall people with people with saying they don't know if they was indirectly talking about each other or somebody on the team that's complaining about shots. Maybe our reporter saying I need some shots or something his team, bro. I had of as the number three point guard in the league for a long time. He's falling. He's fallen I'm. So he's he's slowly falling down. They had one of the most embarrassing losses ever to the clippers the other night. And I was watching that game for fantasy reasons because I wanted to. For me. But for my girlfriend she was in a close game Mesa. See you need to Kelly Oubre to score two more points in the fourth quarter. You know, they played. He definitely was doing his thing. But it was it was so embarrassing that they not that they lost the clippers clippers have been competitive all year, but they were down thirty five to the clippers. That is that is terrible. The White House. It's not fixing that he's gonna get you, more rebounds. For sure you're getting out rebounded by the White House is gonna fix that. But all the other stuff, do I fix. It is time. We've we've said here on the show that man, maybe it's time for Portland and blow it up. It is time for the wizard sue blow it up a year. I'm looking I'm looking John wall numbers right now. And it's only seven games, but I'm not a fan of his not what I want to see this. I don't want to overreact to this early in the season. But they're they're signed. Overreact to because this is the same thing SPG's. There's no jail. They if they came out and won eleven in a row. I eat my words, but I don't mind overreacting to that. Because it's not really overreaction. They literally have the same theme you throw in Austin rivers and the white that record their schedule of the next couple games is relatively easy. So if they end up like winning out and become like five hundred eighteen they need to they go against the grizzlies who have an expert, Sal this year, they go it gets. Okay. C which is gonna be a dogfight which I'm looking forward to the Knicks. The magic the magic they got some games coming up. So have you come with that? Tippy toe attitude, we will still your lunch. We win the list natural. List? I had to be more like this to happen before evidence, twenty points, three rebounds, and seven assists. He averages nine this for his career. What does he shoot it from the field? You got us percents of I don't think John Wallace for having a bad year, but scarves, being the leader. Do you want percent, which is not bad?.

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