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Turner can pass blocked, It stays in the lightning zone. McDonough having to pick it up. Left wing pull out. Lot to the red line. Lobs it in turn, AC is Skating on this puck left circle. Little shot kicked out by Carey Price Gallagher on the rebound, Mrs on an outlet. No icing here, though. McDonough. He's going to have to play this one behind his own net. He was going slow there, too, because they thought I was going to ice. Makes the outlet here too polite at center ice chips it for point over his stick point, Gets it again and golfs it in. I guess they said that went up the glass and hit the mesh netting. 4 38 on the clock. Still no score in the first neutral sound face off. Well, it wasn't point inside that blue line. I guess it wasn't Right outside the blue line of the Canadians tightly contested first period Bill. I know the Lightning had the edge in shots, but chances not a lot of room out there for either side. Gord wins the face off from Suzuki had met at the Red Line. A little past is handled by Gord back for Hedman. He's got Caufield on them right when John Rueda Facing forward Coleman off his stick. Coleman gets it again and got it in deep. Edmondson. Pass block. Johnny Gord holds it in high slot. Coleman. You've got his shoes knocked away Good rope. Almost fill it back in Suzuki Suzuki found Edmondson who floated on the line here, passing up some shots right now. Caufield at center Ice drops it back to his own end for Joel Edmundson 47 left in the first leveling Anderson deflects it in Vasilevskiy. He's had been to the left wing at a young root of either lightning goal writing skate left right in the first under four to go in the first, Rueda. He almost fell down. He has time to At the puck again, though Now he walks it up the middle Left side feed circuit have yet a man on MRV gets away. Sergiev spins it from maroon across the Montreal line. Love Circle. We're gonna pass blocked by Petri can clear it. No held inserted travel points. Wines from around behind that maroon looks to center it, he will center it, Corey Perry intercepts. Added away from Johnson and Joseph Perry. Thanks to center ice, Savard knocks it down and put it off. Armenia's stick into the lightning bench will get another face off from neutral ice. 3 25 remaining in a scoreless first boy maroon. I don't know from behind the net. Boy, there's a late hit. Hi Anderson. That park was gone a good two seconds. But Maroun be able had the puck piano. And then did that bunks off the goal post out front? Yeah. Good fight of Evans and Cirelli from neutral ice one by Montreal. Sherrod and the left wing. Blasted in on Vasilevskiy makes the save for David Savard only for circuit in the far corner off his stick. Evans is going to steal this right circle. Jake Evans rattles it.

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