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Doing I that's the latest here if we get any new information I in this newscast will come back to live back our Dana thank you so much the festivals and concerts in March a cargo a summer we'll have to wait until next year because of covert nineteenth all large outdoor permitted city run events through Labor Day have been canceled that includes a taste of Chicago Lollapalooza and the air and water show Lyle organizer is planned offer virtual events all that'll make up for the core of a billion dollars the annual festival brings in however what is re opening though tomorrow portions of navy pier including restaurants retailers Paul brothers and select tour boats the mayor today saying she's finalizing plans to re open the lake front the loss this year summer events are covert nineteen have blown a seven hundred million dollar hole in next year's budget in March and April the city lost at least one hundred seventy five million dollars in revenue as hotel restaurants and businesses closed mayor says at this point she's leading all of our options on the table options including raising property taxes and outlook layoffs have to remain on the table as the mayor says the budget deficit could even get larger if there's a second wave of coronavirus cases in the fall well a couple recorder Chicago police officers dragging two women from their car last week a plan to file a civil rights lawsuit was under Collins and Willie Teague or at the brickyard mall may thirty first when a softer smashed the windows on the woman's vehicle and drag them out Collins said she started recording the incident to have proof she antique say when they ask the officers names and badge numbers one of them smash the rear windshield and hit her repeatedly with his baton I'm.

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