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WSB covers Georgia's race for governor. During a debate hosted by the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia public broadcasting Republican Brian camp question Democrats, Stacey aprons about a video she appeared. And it clearly shows that you are asking for undocumented and documented folks to be part of your winning strategy. So my question is why are you encouraging people to break the law for you in this election. Mr. camp, you are very aware that I know the laws of Georgia when it comes to voting. In fact, I am one of the foremost experts in the state on expansion of voting rights, and I have never in my life asked for anyone who is not legally eligible to vote to be able to cast a ballot other topics of contention between the two candidates include voter, suppression state spending and healthcare campaign Abrahams are in a statistical dead heat with less than two weeks until election. Day. The governor calls for a special session next month to deal with the losses associated with hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal says the legislature can't wait until the regular session in January to deal with the losses of hurricane Michael in southwest, Georgia. We're still in the process of setting total call star I've been told for example in the timber industry. There's been a loss of about two hundred and seventy four million dollars special session, separately number thirteenth will allow lawmakers to amend this year's budget to cover cleanup cost and other assistant us areas of our state, and these people of our state are deserving of this kind of extra parish WSB breaking.

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