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I am not i am the but i can confirm this oh my god what smell these two teams flat out steam thanks to those has stunks stinks things he it's just that oh yeah every week at this time we play this damn game we do and on a national stage but here's the thing you guys calling you try and participate in this game and for some reason the nerves get the best to you the spotlight this stage and you just fail miserably majority view now some of you got the stones you'll step but right up and you'll deliver in crunch time but then there's others antonio see a little oh little trickle youknowwhat down the leg and you guys embarrass yourselves and you go away in diety so we've got a brand new batch of questions here five of them on guests that garbage and we will get things started right at the top we will go online at number one hundred and one and we're going to go to line one hundred and wind in honor of the 101 free away here in southern california and for that mark is in la listening on the great am five seventy la sports mark what's happening hated much ghana's physically for tonight awadi what do you have to man what so what's happening uh i just folded i'm about to get some jack inthebox limpet wanted thick today yeah see you went to six flags magic mountain in valencia california that right the magic mountain view mayor up place at places just not fund without boos gotta be odyssey her yeah drew i had and i thought it was good yeah so so there you go so much mark is in la he's just been on roller coasters and now he's getting jack inthebox the jacket a box after the rollercoasters we know how that would ended up you know all right so here we go you're you're familiar with the name brandon marshall correct.

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