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Catch up far too big of a leap for them to give up big in those first two quarters yeah it was they couldn't stop the beautiful throwing a drop low and in some of those ways as he threw the way he looked off the safety and came back and start the same around the right side i mean i'm so with tony gonzalez and he's look at those throws and he knows the o's that's precision strikes right there in the red zone so gropp close we got along storyline hearing this thing to go on for months years and we can speculate only one of some of the time but here's here's what the scatter report is going to tell used in houston by the way leading the national football league in sacks with nine then the beauty of their nine sacks as a six different guys and watt's only got one and a half or though so they've got nine they had a lot of guys in get after quarterback and were sets up against it but hit here's what happen today gropp will throw the ball twenty seven times seventeen of those throws were over five yards in the air in fact he averaged nine point four yards flight time of the ball beautiful percent comes in the game nine close zero throws over five yards flight time with the ball one yard so it was bubble screen world it was a little outside fans pass and you might need all that to get around this pass rusher it's coming at you so i don't know they're gonna change it that much the problem is in junior what you talk about this if i told light defense this guy's a one yard in the fight time ball what kind of coverage why six under and challenge do you think they've come out let him throw deep which means you got to stay in the pocket which means here comes the best pass rush and football at this time how would you handled reset knowing it's short week ear stew's coming to town with watt and company and this gary poured says you don't throw the ball down the field do i think we'll cornell will be run a lot of press man coverage rate up challenging and i know it's dangerous against a deandre hopkins in and fuller but that's what i think it'll think it will be you know obviously when you look at duff you know.

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