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You're heading up toward the Red Mountain Expressway, No problems on 59 around chock full mountain road traffic updates every 10 minutes all morning long you're next. Report at 7 30 on NewsRadio 1055 w. E. R C. This report is sponsored by Del Let's see what Mickey Ferguson's working on over at Fox six. Any sunshine today, Mickey? Yeah, we're gonna get most of our sunshine this morning. J T increasing clouds, probably some high, then clouds going into the rest of the day highs today still warming up to about 86 degrees. Tonight. Mostly cloudy down to 67. I think we're gonna be drive for those high school football games that were switched to tonight. Tomorrow, though a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms from the outer bands of Delta highs near 79 tomorrow from the wkrc personal our weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning here Right now we do have partly cloudy skies worth 60 is writing a 1055. When you talk to Adele Technologies Advisor. You get someone who understands that. And our two listening and can provide small business solutions that make you feel truly heard for solutions skyward by Intel V. Pro Platform Fallen advisor today at 877 asked down.

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