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It not and if you're not married. especially if you're female do you want something like that do you want something that is going to be so noteworthy I used to be very anti Hey look at me proposals but now I think there's an expectation that if you just have a quiet dinner and propose on one knee that you kind of a loser or is that still on common now that's almost more special. I don't know that it is I think it's. just a guess but I think it might be viewed as just lacking creativity thank you a friend of mine this goes way back before these things were even as popular as they are now he was a renaissance festival I don't know why but he was there and they have this Joe sting event and he had arranged with the king I play the king at this jousting event to call them both up and ask this in some manner if she would marry you know this swinger neither really yes. and she said yes so apparently that was the kind of proposal she was looking for I have. good kind of uncomfortable those kind of things making it as a group effort because once she says no what if you put all that effort into what you do in front of all these hundreds of people at a renaissance faire face ball game or something well yeah they do it on the jumbo tron yeah it's even become a thing the jumbo tron proposal yeah what if she says no in front of everybody all the cameras are on you you have to do you almost have to know well I would say you know ahead of time everybody thinks they know everything she can to say yes but all you have to verbally agreed on it ahead of time for those to really be a yeah I think so I mean because you have to be in one of those relationships where getting engaged I guess almost a formality and I guess when you know you know. but if you don't know that is we to risk so tell us about your marriage proposal at one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five wasn't elaborate was it I catching or was it just kind of run of the mill one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five okay I found this article on how millennials are changing the standard marriage proposal so it's not just me thinking the anti has been upped but it does say this from weddingwire dot com by the way in case you want to Google it that proposals are more elaborate than just getting on one knee and the survey for weddingwire dot com said that proposals are more elaborate than they were just ten years ago now. thirty one percent are likely to have just the private proposal at a house thirty one percent. ten years before that it was forty one percent. as far as inviting friends and family for the proposal. in two thousand seven was fourteen percent so not very many and still not the majority but it's up to twenty six percent of all the big jump it almost doubled yeah as far as having a a witness you know having people they're having a group effort fifty four percent. we describe their marriage proposal is unique and unexpected. eighty percent still got down on one knee no matter what that went along with it apparently getting down on one knee is still expected but they have some of these suggestions. for reasons what people are doing now that the way people are making their proposals unique or unforgettable but I'm thinking that this is a website that wants people to do things like that because I can't imagine many people are doing most of these the first one is what I'm talking about. they're hiring proposal planners yeah now isn't that one of the worst ideas ever if you need somebody to plan your proposal for you I mean is that person going to know the women are guy in this as a case maybe even better than you do know why a person to be able to craft a unique proposed if you're gonna go with the unique thing is gonna make it's you know special that nobody else could ever say exactly what you said to do it exactly where you do it I mean that proposal planner could have a better insight did you want I doubt it yeah so tell us about your marriage proposal one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five three eighteen years New Jersey fast.

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