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Stars in the sky stories from the sky Roger Roger Southwest Airlines is gonna be blocking streets through the end of September that means that they will cap how many seats does sell on particular flights sixty seven percent will be the capacity cap that's to give you some distancing on southwest flights they'll block middle seats but they have open seating so they can't really I don't know how they do that they're still open seating they say there's no need for anyone to sit though in a middle seat because they do cap the numbers initially they had caps seeds through the end of June but now they're capping sheets through the end of September you can't get liquor anymore on planes that's because of Culver nineteen it's weird because alcohol sales of you know just skyrocketed as everybody's men in the house during lockdown but air travel now will not have liquor on flights from easyjet KLM delta American Asia's verdict virgin Australia they're also spending all or part of their alcoholic drinks service it's a widespread revision that's going on in the industry across the board with food and drink service that's gonna the idea is minimize interaction between flight attendants staff and passengers and people you know you just know it's a it's a fact that the less interaction you have with people also in the same clothes environmental plane the the better you are to avoid covered nineteen did you see that the guy was asked to deplane at American Airlines flight after he would not put on a mask you mentioned that I think yesterday we were talking about the outlook why if you know that's the role why even get on the plane just to make a big to do and file a lawsuit yeah he boarded the flight in New York at LaGuardia and it was going to Dallas fort worth and he said no I'm not going to wear a facemask and when he didn't comply the flight crew asked him to deplane and then he does this whole thing or is posting on Twitter is live video I don't know this is as you say he's just trying to make a scene to make a point and it's just he said it wearing a mask is not a federal law and and so on yeah well the airlines get to make the rules you either obey them or you get off the plane now man we have just a we have I think over the standard issue of jerks in this country we really do I don't know what the you know the legal limit is what we're way over it Beijing is grounding more than a thousand flights why they are raising the threat level from cover nineteen they think there's a second wave under way in China the alert system for Beijing that's twenty one million people by the way that's a it's a big city it was raised from level three to level two that's the second highest I know you're thinking yeah no kidding that's the second highest level two the one from three to two but almost have to be the second highest I know that you're so off the mark I mean I just it brings the total number of new cases in this thirty one additional cases over the past week to one hundred thirty seven that's a fifty seven day run they had no locally transmitted cases supposedly again I take China's word for things not but the researchers in China they say highlighted calls for vigilance and so they have grounded more than twelve hundred flights were halted in and out of the capitals to airports so they are worried about a resurgence there a plane window cracks at thirty thousand feet after a drunk woman who was dumped by her boyfriend tried to smash it in mid flight won't know she downed two bottles of super strength liquor yes I can see the first point where they're not gonna be serving liquor anymore they make super strength liquor apparently I didn't know this he well he's not drinking yeah if you're going to drink it I'm so you know you want to super strength stuff and why wait in with the light stuff give me the superstring stop bartender she was on a flight attendant I appreciate you wouldn't call me bartender she was devastated after her relationship ended and she lost control according to cops footage shows the crying woman repeatedly hitting the window at thirty thousand feet now the winner of the window cracks can you get sucked out of it yes I might not be the best move usually there are two windows I'm certain of it in other words there two panes of it's not glass but you know they're two window panes normally I thank I'm sure they're aviation experts can tell me exactly but look she successfully cracked one of them she and there are thirty thousand feet one window cracked in the Airbus A. three twenty had to make an emergency landing as a result of this mid flight fiasco the footage shows flight attendants trying to comfort the crying woman and then she hit the cabin window she's complaining about breaking up with her boyfriend and then she kinda lost it did did he break up with her in flight I'm I'm not it sounds as though he now it sounds like he wasn't there okay she was still reacting to it she lost control of her emotions said one person on the flight crew the great thing about losing control on the slices that everybody's got the entire incident captured from a different angle I mean it just we have all become we all become little directors you know anyway I hope you don't want anybody going after doors windows or anything when you're thirty thousand feet can't people just sit down it's already a miserable process flying now with over nineteen it's going to another level of anxiety put on your mask get a book or Orton game I'm maybe she got dumped right before the flight and the the lover was thinking well you know she can't make a scene at the airport why are you yelling those guys.

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