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Michigan defense turned out a nearly flawless performance it was enough for the base and blew it down previously unbeaten Iowa ten to three the final from the big houses the Wolverines gets a four and one overall looking ahead to next week it'll be a noon eastern time kick from champagne eleven o'clock central which is where the game will be at the Wolverines travel to love the smiths countries they take on the Illinois fighting Illini are pregame coverage will begin on these networks stations at eleven AM eastern be sure to check out the Blue Cross blue shield of Michigan tailgate show on W. W. J. beginning at nine AM eastern right now it would only trailing at undefeated Minnesota tend to seven tough go so far for branded Peters former Michigan quarterback now the starter at Illinois five of ten thirty two yards and an interception well we hope you can join us for inside Michigan football to begin the Illinois week coming up Monday seven to eight on many of the same stations also be sure to subscribe in the trenches with John Jansen as lever postgame podcast up in a couple hours and of course the Wednesday edition looking ahead to the match up Saturday well that's it for me Brian bush for Jim grant Saturday endeared work dog cars John Jansen Tony Butler and Kenny Tucker our beat the final final time it's Michigan ten I with three the Wolverines get the victory in this top twenty door until Monday for inside Michigan football thank you so much for listening to Michigan football from Learfield IMG college. study hall thanks for looking white I know very as a project at all even customer needs when he's got cameras and I know where they are.

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