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COM coming up on NASCAR live. We'll look back on an exciting and unusual New Hampshire race nineteen years ago and later Wallace will be with us. NASCAR heads to Daytona International speedway. This August for two unique events at the world center of Racing on Sixteenth National will battle on the historic Daytona Road Course and then the sport returns August two thousand nine for the regular season finale with the coke zero sugar four hundred. Be here to witness NASCAR. Being made in August at Daytona, international, speedway visit, Daytona International, speedway, dot com, or call one eight hundred pitshop to secure your tickets now. Here's a special message for those of you. Who Owe the IRS at least ten thousand or more in back taxes? The IRS has special programs in place that could eliminate or reduce your tax debt by thousands of dollars. The IRS is currently accepting reduced settlements and other favorable programs. You may qualify for substantial savings, so get the help you need. Take down the number now for the federal tax management hotline, eight, hundred, two, four to seventeen, zero, six, eight, hundred, two, four to seventeen, zero six. When we come back, we'll look back at an unusual race at New Hampshire Motor speedway. This is Nascar live on the motor racing network the Voice of Nascar. The NAS car season is back. Hi, this is Alex Aden. We're headed back to the race track, and while fans won't be with this person. The motor racing network is setting up a virtual tailgate party tweeted pictures or videos of your race setup. Use the HASHTAG NASCAR, tailgate. To hear from you, find us on. Twitter at 'em are in radio. Use the HASHTAG NASCAR tailgate. We may be your tailgate on an upcoming Mr in programs. Be a part of NASCAR's tailgate party on the motor racing network. Our. easy top ten before you dive into the race weekend. Get up to speed with M. R. N. out loud. That is what makes it extraordinary team I'm woody came inviting you to join me every Thursday as we talked the NASCAR drivers and crew chiefs about the coming weekend's race. There's a lot that we've been working.

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