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Kelly Blier Reaction from U Dub Healthcare workers as they get the covert vaccine all the way after ABC News It's nine o'clock from ABC News. I'm Richard Can't Sue For the first time in about a year, the Homeland Security Department issued a public alert this time over white nationalist terrorism law enforcement on edge. The FBI racist to arrest all those who stays the insurrection on Capitol Hill, the massive scale of the probe becoming clearer. Homeland security, issuing a rare urgent bulletin warning. Right wing militants and Lone Wolves may target elected and government facilities and were emboldened by the January 6 capital Riot ADCS Pierre Thomas. President Biden's new covert 19 task force held its first meeting. The task force says it's confident it can turn the US around from its current path of high transmission and high death tolls. One way they say they plan to do that is to up daily vaccinations. But members of the task force do say that they expected to be months before everyone who wants a shot can get one. They also say it's essential for Congress to pass funding to complete Biden's plan. A B C's Mark Rima lard with Anthony Blinken on the job as secretary of state's, The administration is placing at least temporary holds on multiple big ticket weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Blinken also says they've started a comprehensive review of U. S and Russia. NATIONS. Apple is urging iPhone and iPad users to update their operating systems to correct security flaws that may have been Apple says actively exploited by hackers. She was an extremely funny and talented woman. Oscar and Emmy winning character actress Cloris Leachman died. She want a best supporting actress Oscar for Her role in The Last Picture show also appeared in three Mel Brooks movies, including an unforgettable Turn and Young Frankenstein. I am Paul Brujo. Cloris Leachman want an Emmy for portraying Phyllis Lindstrom on the first five seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? Her longtime manager say she died in her sleep. Cloris Leachman was 94 You're listening to ABC News. It's such a beautiful night. Look at the stars. They're amazing. Did you know 20% of stars have planets orbiting them capable of sustaining life? How did you know that? You must spend a ton of time reading? Not at all. I use bleakest linguist. Yeah, it's an after takes key insights from over 4000 non fiction bestsellers and gathers them into 15 minute blinks. For you to read or listen to. With Blink ist. You can learn the main points of an entire book and just 15 minutes as opposed to days or weeks..

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