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Entrepreneurs can drive and be changing change agents in the future in against some of the bigger problems that were. Gonna be facing? Which is why I would guess that list of notables who were on the the who are investors in and board members of rise the rest, I'm not going to read the names, go to their website and look at it. I I it's the most mind blowing list of investors I've ever seen associated with one organization in my entire life. I it's it's a standing, and I I don't even want to build up the hype too much just go go to the website and check it out Google rise of the rest funds investors or advisors, and it's it's really astonishing, you mentioned incubators and other types of accelerators. You know, we know about those in cities like Boston and New York and San Francisco, and there were a number of some of which one actually went public. There are a number of of incubators that had been around for a while. Where are you finding incubators outside of the coasts? And are the private or they public or private public joint ventures? Tell us a little bit. Yes. Simply all eve up. Yeah. You find it takes different different types of organizations to help support the ecosystems, right? I mean, they're quite a few and most the majority overwhelming majority. I'd say our private enterprises that people are running and hopefully running for profit some include co working so that there's like a a real business model there others. Are you say co working I immediately think of we works, but that's not what you're necessarily referring to very similarly, you the entrepreneur rents desk space, and so that becomes the the revenue model the business model for the co working space and helps to feed the incubator accelerator, but but we we've seen dozens of models of how this can work, and you know, and I think a lot of them are specific for the company specific for the the the city of geography, but the goal is unlocking entrepreneurship, it's taking the the man or woman who's. Working for one of the big companies in the cities saying, you know, what I can I I've been working at Proctor and gamble forever. And Cincinnati, and I love what I do. But boy, I have a great e commerce opportunity that love to go in and start. And now, there's a vehicle for them to extract themselves from that big corporation and like go start a start up somewhere. So let's let's talk about some of the cities you've been to you mention Detroit. Pittsburgh Cincinnati, nor liens what other cities have have you guys invested in. And how do they vary from location location geography to geography? Yeah. So we, you know, we've been named a few of the cities but cities from small as a couple of hundred thousand people to as large as you know, three or four million people. We are most recent seventh rise of the rest tour three or four million. Let's like Chicago is that what we're talking about. You know, we we went to Dallas Chattanooga Birmingham. Memphis and Louisville Kentucky and our last tour. That's great. Cross section of the types of cities, we go to some big, you know, big major cities at that. Everybody has heard of others all these people cities people have heard of, but but others less well known for being tech hubs like, I don't think of Chattanooga as tech hub. And you'd be surprised to find out that Chattanooga has such a strong logistics tech industry. Why is that? Well, I think it's there the proximity of Chattanooga to both the obviously Atlanta, which is a huge nearly unless you have who you have a couple of airlines couple airline is there a couple of transportation companies, then you go up to Chattanooga. And it's it's close. It's it's it's close to a lots of that transportation Cup. But also a lot of freight travels through Atlanta at the Chattanooga. And even the winner of our rise of the rest tour in in Chattanooga this year. It was a company called freight waves that leaves not freight way freightways. Yeah..

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