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Twenty four seven three sixty five W. T. O. P. at three forty one weeks ago DC's department of corrections had been ordered you'll remember to do a better much better job of cleaning and improving conditions in its rail facilities to limit the spread of covert nineteen but now the ACLU American civil liberties union claims this morning things have gotten even worse back in April when the judge ordered DC corrections to do more cleaning and for residents had access to medical care and keep their distance from each other five inmates were sick in DC's trails one month later the ACLU says one hundred eighty inmates have confirmed cases of twenty five fold increase making the risk for inmates thirteen times that of everyone else in DC the ACLU is asking the judge to appoint an expert to help determine how many and which residents to be released so the DC corrections can make sure that CDC guidelines are followed behind bars Neolog constrained WTOP news need to be careful of your many drivers are apparently taking advantage of less traffic these days and speeding down the local highway snarling state police seeing a record number of traffic stops they say is drivers break the law on the open road speeding down the open highway may tempt some drivers but Greg Shipley with Maryland state police said troopers are out in force to shut them down we see people out there excessively exceeding the speed limit you know it's several weeks ago someone was stopped in the capital but we region doing a hundred and thirty six miles an hour simply said just like speeding tractor trailers which have crashed in the same spot along the outer lips big curve troopers know where to look we know the routes that people are on especially during the summer months over the weekend trooper stopped nearly five hundred drivers breaking out of the house and breaking traffic laws there's no sense in you know trying to keep yourself healthy if you're not keeping yourself safe on the highways Meghan clarity WTOP news there was windy and Courtney Shiloh in Marin Matt and Kim and it was Katie and Jamie they will always be heroes to me because they were the nurses who took care of my daughter Kayla when as a teenager she was hospitalized for weeks at a time I watched as the listener made her laugh and then for an unimaginable thirty six hours when she was violently ill patiently cleaned her up Caillaux lives today in large part because the love for nurses now in our time of great crisis the nurses are here again they are the super heroes we have dispatched to vanquish this terrible foe that has brought the world to its knees one day we will once again laugh we will hug we will dance and play sports again and when we do we can thank our nurses this is Jonathan cotton with a good feet store we are closed temporarily but when we open again if you are a nurse or any healthcare worker for that matter come by the good feet store so we can thank you good Tuesday morning three forty four one double duty okay you know pandemic restrictions are being relaxed in some places around here but not everywhere local officials to that end want to remind people this morning venturing out for exercise say for example you need to take proper precautions for folks that are coming out and want to do so responsibly national mall spokesman Michael Hurst follow the the guidance from the centers for disease control and prevention follow that local health guidance a DC police spokesperson says people getting out for fresh air should do so close to home and avoid crowded areas officers who see large gatherings on public spaces notify the gathered group of health and safety risks as for memorials on the mall being accessible they are accessible under the the the mayor's stay at home orders seeking WTOP news you know plenty of families these days are drawn to DC's real estate along Connecticut Avenue one couples decided it's the perfect neighborhood to raise their kids stop along Connecticut Avenue not far from the national zoo and meet Walter and Libby red shouldered hawks named by freelance photographer Jennifer Packard she names of the couple and their three checks cove it Cleveland and Dorothy and says it's not surprising that Washingtonians are drawn to stop and watch them nature is good for you it's good for the mind it's good for the soul the chicks were born in late April and will leave the nest before too long and like any parents Walton Libby will encourage the checks to take off the parents will demonstrate flying and encourage them and that's when you need to come back out with your binoculars or your camera to to see this but one reminder to spectators it is important to maintain social distance while we do this Kate Ryan WTOP news got it right out of this half hour early Tuesday morning here on double duty of a an unusual social distancing table unveiled by an Ocean City restaurant I'm taking only on sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a hundred all everybody's still trying to figure out what the new normal will look like in colleges sports Maryland athletic director Damon Evans on ESPNU radio does think that there will be fall sports in some form this year I don't know if it's going to be modified in some format as it relates to what we're going to push the start date are we going to have a different type of season whether the conference only are or what have you so I'm gonna say this I'm gonna remain cautiously optimistic about it starting on time but should be prepared to Jackson and that as far as the professional ranks California New York and now Texas also getting ready to welcome professional sports back in Texas governor Abbott announced the state will allow professional sports return on may thirty first without fans governor Newsom in California said June first teams can begin to play on the professional level without fans and governor Cuomo in New York said he's as professional sports teams to begin planning to play in the state again said New York is ready for such a return without fans in attendance Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer appeared in court on multiple felony charges stemming from an incident early Saturday morning in which he is accused of threatening a friend with a gun discharging his weapon after an argument at a poker game college basketball Brenda Frese gets a six one guard Tyson because lava from Russia play the prep academy has four years of eligibility remaining toward walls to be to be sports WTF D. nine CBS news update president trump has touted a malaria drug as a potential treatment for the corona virus even as some of his top government experts doubt its effectiveness now the president says he's been taking Hydroxycut or Quinn for more than a week and feels fine it's been around for forty years for malaria for Lopez for other things I take it frontline workers take a lot of doctors take it experts say there can be side effects including to the heart rhythm more from CBS is Natalie brand during a round table with restaurant executives the president revealed he's been taking the drug hydroxy caloric went along with zinc for nearly two weeks to try and prevent the corona virus the FDA has set hydroxy chloroquine should only be used for covert nineteen by patients being monitored in a hospital the president says he consulted the White House physician before taking it the seventy three year old president is tested daily for the virus he continues to refuse to wear a protective mask CBS news update I'm Jim Shannon it is may nineteenth welcome in this Tuesday morning glad you're with us this early hour three forty traffic.

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