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It only impacts the company's corporate office warehouse workers are exempt from that order. At this rate, the state of Washington will have its 100 1000th covert at 19 infection. By Friday yesterday, an additional 489 infections reported. That brings the current statewide total 99,150 local tech executives saying Finally, as the U. S Department of Justice takes action against Google almost carbon with more reaction to the government's anti trust lawsuit, Google routinely engages in anticompetitive behavior, according to the DOJ suit, which says the search engine powerhouse uses its size and reach. To cut off business channels for other companies, very pleased to see the government finally taking some action. This is Peter Kern, chief executive of Seattle based Travel Portal Expedia. He tells the geek wire summit. He welcomes any attempt to hold Google accountable. We think many of their practices have not been good for us and have disadvantaged us and others like us. Google in a statement calls the suit deeply flawed. Current expects them to put up a fight. Google is what Google is until it's something different, he says. If nothing else, maybe the suit will help create a fairer marketplace, which is all we want. Corwin Hey HQ Co. Moh NEWS King Cat at King County Election headquarters in Renton. Yesterday they tested the vote sorting and counting machines comes Michelle Esteban. Talked with the election director were prepared and ready to go with overwhelming interest in voter tensions running high Just like in the 2016 presidential election, King County will have plainclothes officers at 73 ballot drop boxes on election night. Good idea. There are extremists out there it could potentially intimidate.

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