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But that wasn't the end of the story for Dennis us. His family still had immense resources to fight the case they appealed the decision and they won the New Brunswick Court of Appeal ruled that the trial judge had given the jury. sorry `incorrect instructions when it came to that Brown Blazer. A new trial date was set. A new jury pool was convened and thousands of potential jurors once again gathered in the Saint John Hockey arena but not too long after a jury was put together. The justice declared a mistrial because of quote improprieties riotings. Instead the justice. decided he'd hear the case alone. So there's another lengthy trial another set of arguments the New Brunswick public is is once again captivated by the story an earlier this year. Eight years after the killing of Richard. Oland there's another verdict and this time time the outcome is different this time the justice fines. Dennis Oland not guilty. The Dennis Oland was greeted with applause when he left the courtroom a free man. He declined to speak but his lawyer had plenty to say. I hope that everybody in Saint John on now understand and appreciate that. Dennis Oland did not kill his father and understands the misery that he and his family and and his friends and supporters have gone through through the last eight years. Even though the justice found Dennis Oland not guilty. Realty doesn't let him off in his judgment if you read the judge's decision in the second case. He has some critical things to say about Denisovans testimony. He doesn't believe him as a witness. He says there are things that indicate the Dennis Oland is involved his case etc on the other hand is not quite enough there right. The murder of Richard Oland and the trials of his son that followed captivated new brunswickers partially because of the Star class. Divide in the province. It's the poorest province in Canada. But it's home to so many dynasties and if you've listened to our episode on the Irving's you already know that the new Brunswick elite intensely private and immensely powerful. It was a rare look into the personal life and even the personal finances of the accused in terms of a the member of one of New Brunswick Families for Greg Marquee. The most important thing to understand about the case is how close Dennis Oland was to going to prison for life. Despite what a judge eventually deemed to be Pretty Flimsy Evidence Nebraska Court of Appeal not found at that point on the trial judges instructions to the jury in the first trial. Dentist would still be in federal penitentiary now and according to the second trial he's not legally your mind turns. How often does this happen with other offenders? Who Don't have that illegal affects is not always the case that having lots with lawyers and deep pockets are going to jail because we didn't have all sorts of examples where people are convicted despite having you know the top lawyers and the pockets but certainly we can make a difference? It's too early to tell whether the old family will be able to move past this trial or if will forever tar the reputation Russian. But what's almost certain is that will never know for sure what happened to Richard Oland that July Day in twenty eleven..

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