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Where HE DADDY? Focus on sitting? and teaching. And lighting books. He was very weak. Apostle as I said She's a faster way. Pasta died with TB. and. Cameras transmitted TV from. She's a forest. Okay! Wow, so she lived with TV. Yes, toby, she's right now, so he physically, he was very weak Bassem. So he couldn't sit with US daily. He sat with us on D. during session. Yes. Under solar stove without months he. Believed in the way. She take care of the body. And put it bear for. US. And giving. Luke chess on lighting books so he would give lectures. attend lectures. How often would that happen in in at the temple? I I think everybody every. Other Sundays. We heard that's I. Think I someday. Guy! And people came from outside and. Gave to lecture on Sundays. in the morning and afternoon I. Think Wonder was nineteen meetings. and He. You you talk about one Logan's likings show Gonzo Ginza, and so is this how you encountered? And because I'm wondering, does this emphasis on Zaza in, but then also you ride and have translated a lot of Dogan. So, ooh I started to study. At the university okay. was I study talking for four years. And I am the Anti. Ice I decided not to study anymore. Really because since I was a high school student until I Finish University I thought Fata. idead these idead what leading unthinking. Yes, so. I studied the practice at. I wanted to. quit that life. Yes, so I! Put all my books in the closet. On I not to read books, except Shoghi Enzo on free to. Access. So, you go I. Imagine what's to encounter the thing you've been studying about. Yeah. Oh so I had some understanding of dog and teaching. Fire I was a university student. But. After I started to practice dot com. I. I wanted to do activity practice that teaching, and was coach Yama encouraging of this, or did he want you also studying dog? What what was? He starts about this? He didn't encourage me to study organ Nah I was happy. Yes yes, wonderful, so I actually. Sat quietly for ten years Fast five UN Anton. On next five years advise Endel in Massachusetts. Yes, so. eternity for ten years I. Try not to study..

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