Hurricane Nicole, Tim Mcguire, President Biden discussed on Rollye James


The toxic dust and emissions from a metal shredding operation. Hogan's ass at the demolition will be nothing like what happened in little village two years ago. A rare November hurricane Nicole will make landfall overnight along the eastern coast of Florida. The AP's Tim McGuire. The last November hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was Kate, 37 years ago, hurricane Nicole has top sustained winds of 75 mph as it rolls towards floor disease coast. Storm surge beach, erosion has already wrecked dozens of homes and buildings. Brad Reinhart with the national hurricane center says the surge runs some 370 miles along the coast into southeast Georgia. From north Palm Beach to altamaha sound, Georgia. We're calling for peak storm surge values of three to 5 feet. Disney World and universal Orlando closed early Wednesday. Airports, including Orlando international have closed, as much as a half foot of rain from the system could fall along the blue ridge. I'm Tim McGuire. President Biden is going to the international climate talks in Egypt tomorrow as part of the United Nations climate change conference. He is expected to affirm that efforts to fight climate change will not fall off as previously twice before when Democrats were out of power. During informer climate officials under Biden say a majority of the $375 billion climate and health spending package was made in a way to make things difficult to be reversed by future Republican congresses or presidents. President Biden, by the way, even though we don't know, if both houses of Congress are going to be in the hands of Republicans, president was asked today about getting bipartisan legislation through and what he would or would not consider. Under no circumstances, will I support the proposal to put forward by senators Johnson and the center from down in Florida to cut or make fundamental changes in social security Medicare. That's not on the tape. Abortion bans, he says are also off the table. Now WGN sports hawks in LA tomorrow night pregame at 9 face auburn 9 30 right here on WGN. Pelicans over the bulls, one 15 one 11 college football northern Illinois over western

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