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Eighteen sports net on the call reason eight thousand five hundred sixty two radios better than tv but be that as a may luis perdomo in the bottom of the third ending throwing behind nolan are nano arnaldo charging the mound perdomo through his mitt nolan through his face neither connected connected a little bit like he threw it in order to slow down nolan yes it was more of an if there you go iraqis end up winning the game six to four but i but i think that this represents what the rockies have been through so far and you hope maybe it's a spark what is representing is the fact that the rockies have been extremely extremely disappointing to start and to say whoa it's april remember their names giants don't have cueto or bumgarner right now the the dodgers right now are down the diamondbacks are playing really well the rockies need to win right now and they're not and they're looking terrible doing it and i think what you saw today was not the culmination of guys getting plunked last night it was the culmination of nolan are not of the best player on the rockies getting frustrated that his team hasn't showed up including him to be fair right and that's frustration spilling over that's looking for a reason now will they use it they won the game today they ended up scoring five straight runs after that will they start to turn things around and become the rockies that we think they are here in the early goings we will see but it that for sure was frustration bubbling over story number three no audio company may on this brenton.

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