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The life to learn more. Visit us at Green Brook tms dot com. We're here to help 7 38 Let's go to marry to Papa and the W T O be traffic center. All right. Thanks, John. We're gonna start off in Virginia riding 3 95, actually 95 3 95 from Fredericksburg all the way. The 14th Street bridge are one issue you've got 3 95 heading north bound the ramp to Shirlington, which is exit six. Actually on that ramp, and you want to head toward Quaker Lane, you have half of the ramp block Police activity. Follow direction there. Nothing in the main lines of 3 95 that runs well, all the way through the 14th Street bridge in both directions. You EZ Pass Express also point North bound on an early Sunday morning. 66 back to speed. Any issues with the Brie Gon's from front Royal all the way into Rosslyn is a decent trip. We had a report on 66 Fuck your county. They were looking for disabled vehicle heading eastbound near Mile marker 14. So this would be well out of camera shot. If you are heading 66 out of from Royal passing mile marker, 14 stay alert, there might be a disabled vehicle. We're checking now on to the capital Beltway. No incidents. That's all the way around. Both in Virginia and in Maryland, on the Maryland side to 70 runs well, 95 Beltway to Beltway. All moving at speed are one thing to note. We do have a crash and Glen Burnie route 100 heading westbound near Quarter Field road. It's before by about a half mile before quarter field exit 14 You're staying left to get by crash. We have an alert from Amtrak Northeast train. 65 is currently stopped in Baltimore. This is due to mechanical issues, and this driving force brought you by moral edge self directed. They helped put investing within reach. Get started at Merle Edge dot com slash within. Reach Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith incorporate a registered broker. Dealer member s I P. C. Married upon the WTF traffic strong Team four meteorologist Lauren Records. You are busy in that weather center today. I wish you could see me, John. I was like, Do you have Camera in here to see how busy I am. Because I will tell you coming off some pretty quiet whether weeks Yes,.

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