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We'll have for the next few. It's five oh three two bridges to tries. But the second time is the charm when it comes to the tappan Zee replacement over the Hudson eastbound traffic is flowing over two new bridges this morning WCBS reporters. Sean Adams is watching the historic new community joins us live, Sean. Yeah. The switches complete both spans of the new tappan Zee slash Cuomo bridge in operation a bit delayed. This was supposed to happen. Friday into Saturday on Friday. I was on the eastbound span looking right across at the old tab, the center span of the old tap is gone. It's already been removed the two towers of the superstructure remained. And I watched as they were ironworkers kind of up high there. They had their torches going sparks flying as they were cutting away at different sections. So they were dismantling right up to the. When the christening the ribbon cutting occurred now, those workers late Friday, they heard a pop there's a joint that was in pretty bad shape and it threatened to bring down that steel structure. So they they couldn't go ahead with opening the eastbound span, there was fear that if any of the old bridge fell it might hit the Newbridge well that caused quite a stir gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon, she accused governor Cuomo of pushing to get the this bridge opening done before the primary she accused him of putting politics ahead of public safety. The governor's office vigorously denies that. Apparently the engineers have given a green light because the new bridge is open now in both directions. Wayne, Paul, thank you, Sean Adams at the bridge and the phony campaign Miller accusing Cynthia Nixon Eddie semitism was created by someone helping with the Cuomo campaign spokesman for governor Andrew Cuomo's reelection did not guilty party. But says it was an indoor. Digital helping the campaign on constituency outreach changes are promised from now on constituency preps are reps that is will not be allowed to draft material and Eddie mailers will need approval from party leaders and from lawyers immaterial went out to about seven thousand households and cost eleven thousand dollars. They Democratic Party calls. It a mistake in New York state. The party has offered to send out material for the Nixon campaign, but the candidate wondered yesterday to radio host Brian Lehrer. If it might arrive the day after the election or next week. The party has also reportedly reached out with the monetary offer to the Nixon camp and the results of the primary tomorrow may not match up with the campaign ads that we've been looking at WCBS reporter Steve burns looks at the possibility of an interesting outcome once they count all the ballots candidates running for governor have their running mates governor Cuomo's running with Lieutenant governor Kathy Hokuto, Cynthia Nixon is running with city council member Jimani Williams, but voters are under no obligation. To obey those pairings. Absolutely. We may see a coma Williams ticket. And I think it's going to be one of the most interesting things to watch for on Thursday. I own a college political scientist, genie's Ainhoa says that could up end state politics, as we know it may see Williams if he gets degrees with the governor on a key issue speak out about that Williams is trailing hotel in recent polling by a much smaller margin than Nixon's behind Cuomo Williams also benefits from name recognition in the city. Well, Toko hails from the buffalo area. Zeno says the Lieutenant job is what the officeholder makes it important job. And I think that's where you know, the personality and the times really matter Cuomo's father found himself in this exact situation in nineteen Eighty-three when Al Del Bello one the number two job del Bello resigned. Two years later, saying Marya Cuomo didn't give them anything to do. Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty we have the latest on our forecast in the track of hurricane Florence next in three minutes on WCBS. It's five O seven right.

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