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Prince Prince George, Prince Harry, Prince George discussed on The Complete Guide to Everything


These are like comma tell you they are prince george yeah prince prince george's the one that we were fleeing from and now he's back is the king princess charlotte and prince louis yeah he's new these brand new yeah but fifth in line of succession which means harry's now six see think he's like come on man enough what do you think he's like i really want to be king yeah apparently none of them wanna be king live when you want like anyway like these people's lives are better than anybody's life who's ever lived the face of this earth but then when you become king or queen your life gets like better sign it's put your stamp legislation and stuff yeah i don't think that that's actually even if it's obviously malady but you gotta be backed by tonight gosh show up to even more shit yeah where's like the princes i will say this about them like they in their position now don't have to do as much ficials stuff so they do a lot of charity work which is really nice prince harry's biggest problem it's like it's like you can't even trust up like a nutsy anymore in fairness most people shouldn't be able to dress up like nazis especially not a prince that that was the argument that should sprang some bells for him i will give him this like these guys have weird lives right yeah but weird live set are the best lives of anybody who's ever existed on earth do you think they're the best yeah they don't do anything.

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Prince Prince George, Prince Harry, Prince George discussed on The Complete Guide to Everything

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