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Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. Bob Larson joins us now with a look at the remnants of on re and cooking up some thunderstorms today, exactly at this point, basically just one storm to watch Laura. That's one and we just heard described traffic there, it said. In the in and around the 4 95 corridor drifted to the door non severe. No warnings with that, but Very heavy rain associated with it. It's one storm all by himself at this point, But conditions are such that we will see additional storms pop up this afternoon, with the high humidity and help of the warming of the sun in any thunderstorm this afternoon could be severe or even concerned about if you spin up tornadoes. Sometimes happens Easter tropical systems. The study of rain that's out over Western mass will gradually head is bad is what's left of on removes east and that steady sometimes heavy rain will be with us tonight, and that can lead to some more flooding issues before on re finally moves offshore tomorrow, Laurie Alright, Bob. Thank you. So much in Boston looked like the sun was trying to Pop out hasn't happened quite yet. It's overcast. It's 76 degrees on re cause major flooding in New Jersey In one town more than 150 people had to be rescued from their homes. This woman from hell. Meta was evacuated from her home because of the rising floodwaters. Railroad Avenue is completely flooded still, and I don't know what kind of shape my house is in my car was probably underwater. New York City sits a rainfall record more than seven inches of rain in Manhattan. But Massachusetts largely dawn, just a bullet, with some towns getting drenched and winds ripping down trees in places like Oxford and Auburn. But then the sun came out Sunday afternoon in places on the South shore after just a little bit of rain and wind. There's some major flooding to tell you about in Worcester. Apparently, the city's Abby Kelly Foster charter school was forced to postpone their first day of school for teachers because of flooding. Is caused by then Tropical storm on re and last week's storm as well. We had the remnants of Fred Teachers were scheduled to report to school today. But according to mass live there, waiting until They know it's safe in Tennessee, outside of Nashville. Record rainfall leads to destruction, Devastation and death Search crews are working through splintered homes and piles of tangled debris. And Waverly, Tennessee, northwest of Nashville. After record breaking rain unleashed torrents of water. Dozens are missing. Charlene Bradley, We came to this school To report my sister in law missing. She was hollering for help Window, which home 17 inches of rain fell in Waverly setting a new daily rainfall record for Tennessee. More than 20 deaths.

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