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Reported by the AP confirmed by Fox. Police say they've also made a couple of arrests at these capital security checkpoints a 22 year old for carrying a pistol without a license and another Friday when Capitol police said the intercepted a driver who had a handgun rounds of ammunition and a non government credential boxes. Richardson rehearsal for Wednesday's inauguration was briefly postponed after a fire near the U. S Capitol building prompted a security lockdown of the complex today. And fire turned out to be from a nearby homeless encampment, and the lockdown was lifted A short time later, Vice President elect Kamila Harris today resigned her U. S Senate seat ahead of Wednesday's inauguration and not bed for the San Francisco Chronicle. Harris stressed her departure from the Senate is not a good bye that is vice president shall have the power to break ties in the upper chamber. California Governor Gavin Newsom has chosen Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill the seat. The vice president elect will be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Wednesday on the West Front of the U. S Capitol boxes. Rachel Sutherland in Washington. The World Health Organization chief says it's not right that younger, healthier adults in wealthier countries get vaccinated against covert 19 before older people in poorer countries. Director General take risk ABRI aces today, saying that one poor country got only 25 vaccine doses, while more than 39 mil. In doses have been made in nearly 50. Richer nations. US. Coronavirus deaths are now approaching 398,000 America is listening to Fox News. News radio K O b. J I'm John Cooley. This news of services, Sinuses, snoring specialists manner I. Asti officials say classes will be held 100% online starting tomorrow for students of presidential Medals Elementary and Maynor Senior High School. The district says due to cope concerns both schools will continue to be held online. Until the beginning of next month. The final pushes on by a local nonprofit to collect enough signatures to get a rollback of the homelessness Camping ordinance put on the Bay ballot. It's the second effort being made to do this and Matt Mackowiak was save. Austin now says they're closing in on their goal. We started again. December 1st brand new effort starting from zero trying to collect 30,000 signed petitions Group says more than 20,000 signatures have been collected as of this morning and only one county within the five county metro area has not received a new shipment Corona virus vaccines this week and that's Caldwell County. The officials know. Do you are allowed to get covert vaccines from a county in which you do not live your kale. BJ radar weather watch 73 degrees low 59 Get Austin News on demand it news radio K o b. J com Live and local every afternoon to the four. This is Marc, Melinda and Ed on news. Radio, K o b. J Call or text them and 51283605 90. Thank you taking my calls now. Marc, Melinda and head Good afternoon. 303..

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