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Baseball on ESPN radio ESPN well we go to the eighth inning judge John P. Chris singleton from Boston's Fenway Park Dodgers try to win this series they leave here tonight for two teams of split the first two games will be Ryan brazier on for the forty third time three seventy two the ERA a strike out of any thirty five on the thirty eight and two thirds works out of the stretch it delivers the Max Muncie at a fast ball a little bit long Frasier work last night for heating gave up a run on one hit three fielders on the right side of the infield here's the pair and that one's inside the tool on the outside corner for a strike in al the count is two one one Max Muncie Richard played his college baseball at Baylor got a chance to play a little bit in the big leagues with Oakland swaying an immense and then was released to the other two thousand and seventeen or the end of spring training March the other two thousand and seventeen we played a little bit with the age of fifteen and sixteen and really did nothing and now here is a twenty eight years old he's a heck of a player to to swing a foul pushed off to the left and out of play is little more athletic than you think yeah but he could hear yes just looking at him as build doesn't automatically strike me as super athletic kind of more of average bought a CD player all around the diamond and he's made some nice plays over third base tonight will penciled in a third but he's been all over the ship the two two is just off the inside edge may be off a little bit as well you might do a little scuba diving like dog laying our engineer you know who's who Doug lane but I'm saying who might Max Muncie please encourage people to go get baseball out of the ocean he's comfortable with a three to swing a ground ball right side typing play by Bogart's gets up the role of first outed verses Gerry Davis and that's pretty close yes Muncie turning around to look at George the dug out as if to say what do you guys think good hustle Bogart's with a nice play they're not going to review it the radio will pause then second station ID you're listening to Sunday night baseball ESPN radio and ESPN apersona by in the the one down here is PK Hernandez raise your fire and the pitch is called on a missed our produce you listening that W. M. B. P. Chicago but there is not a single moment that makes him feel more empowered during the broadcast then when he can use the universal signal for wrap it up let's go when he does that really vigorously so the old one he is outside so when the other team when the team is it going to challenge he gives it to you like I catch up like your boss lets go you're behind you to catch up and then sometimes it's get the ID and sometimes it gets to the break the one one is pop fell back our way and it's out of play I feel like it starts to go where the aggressive side starts at what he puts the hand up all right hold the whole don't go to break yeah don't go anywhere thing we got to see higher level insurance airport yeah yeah yeah it's like stopping traffic no doubt that's where starts here's the want to swing and a miss that's a strike that others to away movie comes out like Verdugo at the end of the year may not get it a court handed to me that says stuff on it about you know the score yeah whatever sure I think that's gonna be handed to me at the end of the seven first you're gonna get smacked with it back of the head the professor pre filters to the right of second base Verdugo a single sandwiched between a couple of ground out Dodgers leads for two were in the top of the eight the fat one raise your five there that's a little bit low we now we're we're threatening on you know how we get back to the hotel hello you've got like the guys he only got a court Carter is the one swing a ground ball right side that's new ideas to pick it up throws the first in time where do goes out one two three so the Dodgers were midway here in the eight and the doctors leave the.

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