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Because it's editor leading or do you do what everybody else does create Should vote on the wall and see what sticks which what I see happening everywhere why are we adding signing on forty when my time it is Tuesday October eighth thank you for joining us menace to society the National College football show and more really excited about this episode there was a huge huge weekend in college football some big time games and I hope you check out the menace West show where we detailed Ohio states big win over Michigan State the Michigan Iowa debacle if you want to call it that but we really WanNa look today at the game of the week this past weekend Ha Auburn Florida I had to be so we're going to have some analysis into that shortly on the show but I wanNA start with a little current events couple the things that are in the news and caught my eye that I wanted to talk about an address and the first thing which is outrageous was IDC has really gained nationals. team was a letter that a I guess an alumnus of Penn State wrote to one of the players and it's clearly an old white gentleman has I mean Dave Peterson is his name I don't know who he is or or what his background is but he wrote a letter to one of the players and said basically detailed my wife and I are proud graduates Penn state we follow all Penn State Sports we love it all blah blah blah and then he this paragraph I'm GonNa read right now is unbelievable that this is even prevalent in society today he said through the though the athletes of today are certainly superior to those in my days we miss the clean cut young men and women from those days watching the game on TV we couldn't help but notice four well awful hair surely there must be mirrors in the locker room don't you have parents or girlfriend who told you that shoulder length dreadlocks look disgusting and are certainly not attractive I was in awe when I read this because for I mean a litany of reasons but I think the accountability in today's social media world and we need to find this guy he needs he needs to answer his actions because I saw it when I was a coach players will get these letters even coaches we get letters sometimes threatening sometimes racist like that and it's there's no place for it in society there's no place for sports and there's no place for people to sit side and let it occur because short dreadlocks can look phenomenally clean and very attractive and very handsome I've seen it several times and they just like any anyone of any race can look sloppy with any hairdo it's ridiculous and it needs to be said and talked about because just moving on is not the listen because it needs to be addressed and it's wrong and if you have those feelings you need to look in the mirror because you are wrong that that is prejudice that is that is racist and it's not right I just wanted to bring it up because it kind of got a handshake in my blood boiling and that's just there's no place for that in any in any venue or in any topic it's there's no place for it it's it's hatred and it's bigot bigotry it's almost as if he's implying that we need to get back to the Penn state of told that the penn state we all loved the Penn State that covered up for child molestation and what are we talking about here because the guy had dreadlocks it's like it's embarrassing you as an alumni shut up I mean that is the most outrageous take I've ever heard and then he went on to talk about they can't even watch the NFL anymore because of tattoos and endzone antics and it's like those are the fans that are that are on their way out and those are not the future of the game so no you don't WanNa spend which energy on it because it's clearly just a delusional old racist human being it's just let let's move forward it's kind of like people that listen to the show and we're like I could do without the languages Like I don't care if you're going to have to deal with it the reality of the world we live in so get over it or don't listen get over the dreads or don't watch football on go look in the mirror and sit on your Jn sit in a rocking chair and smoke your pipe enough enough enough get out get out but I wanted to address it the other thing current events look at the right now Florida State is in shambles and I don't know if anyone is paid attention probably not other than Florida state fans to the absolute dissension of the staff right now between Kendall brawls and Willie Taggart in interviews it's it's they're they're basically throwing each other under the bus silly Willy Nilly tag about play call he said I don't know I'm not office coordinator and then they they asked recently after this last game they ask Kendall brawls said what tell us about the two quarterback system and he said you're GonNa have to ask coach Taggart he just he puts whoever he wants in and and both are efficient to run run the offense applete hands up don't hold me accountable look at that guy and it's it's insane I mean there's obviously no chance for success in this program here's the problem that I looked at it and I wanted to talk about kind of coaching contracts and how they work the problem Florida state has right now is that Willie Taggart has an eighty five percent guaranteed contracts and they they gave him I mean he has four years remaining on a five million dollar a year deal that means to fire him they would have to write a check for seven eighteen million dollars and the reality is not going to do that they're going to bite the bullet and take this for another year or two probably until or they're going to try to find cause find a way to to find a reason to fire him and that's a dangerous dangerous situation to be in when they're looking for a reason to breach contract and find cause are you that is a dangerous place in better on dot and his I's crossing his t's he'd better be on his game because they will fire him at the Mir sent of 'cause breaking the contract and it's it's really crazy now the other contract that I was floored to find out about a couple of people told me about got it and I don't know if anyone paid attention to randy edsels contract but it's really an unheard of contract and he for example it is it is an incentive base contract almost entirely I mean he makes like one million dollars a year something extremely low for for a big time head coach uh-huh towards the bottom I would say of hide coaches salaries but his agent built all as an incentive based contract and it's funny because on October twenty seven breath it was last year you can't loss to umass twenty two to seventeen and earned edsel an eight thousand dollar bonus to these incentives so he got a bonus for losing to Umass just think about that and so I wanted to look at some of these bizarre incentives one is if if his teams Scores I at any given game so they can feel on the first drive and then lose sixty one two three that's a two thousand dollar bonus for ransom if they're leading at halftime another two thousand dollar bonus and then they have a litany of categories where if they are leading the if they beat the opponent in a number of a number of times is in the red zone if they go to the red zone more times than the opponent even if they never score and get beat by one hundred he gets another two thousand dollar bonus and the same goes for defense let's say points per tackles for loss if they have more tackles for loss or sex then the opponent that's another two thousand bonus and it just made me think if all of this all of his contract is incentive based where does that put his loyalties to winning a game because ultimately if you're trying to thousand is if you have more sex than the other team you're going to your corner blitz blitz every play blitz I mean even if it's not the best thing to do blitz you're gonNA blitz because you need to get those sacks you want those tackles for loss you want to make that four grand on that game and the outcome becomes secondary to financial gain bazaar and then there's all kinds of ten thousand dollars if if they rank in the top six and a four punt coverage or kick return yardage punt return yardage and this is just it's bizarre because it creates this this concern that he might he might make some decisions with financial gain in mind that aren't the best for his team and it's just crazy I never heard of anything like that no one really has it's one of a kind the contract he has and the coordinators actually both have the same contract relations so it's it's scary and things like that happen those incentive based contracts and czar things happen because it can become more of a trend it's like randy edsall did it so I want that it's just something to keep an eye on but coaches contracts fascinating if you ever look at them how they're structured how their work the buyouts all of that because I think back to Kevin Wilson Kevin a fire in Indiana basically for free because the contract was so so jacked up that they fired him without cause and he basically didn't get any money out of it and he's just out it was like sorry your contract sucked and that's the end of it but anyways enough about Kinda random topics let's let's talk about the game of the Week Auburn at Florida who top tanner's the one thing I will say from the people that I know that were there and just from Washington on TV. The swamp was swamped. it looked good it was rocking you love to see it I mean you do though I mean ultimately that was Florida was when I was there yeah and the sad thing is and it's GonNa come back now because Dan Mullen is killing it and it's going to come back because when urban was there that was just played we played sittard l. one time and it was rocking through the third quarter it's just what the swamp is no not anymore we'll must champ snuff out but man the swamp was rocking and I will that that's my first point my second point is stop it everyone in the country stop it right now stop it to two reasons one auburn is not a nationally relevant team and I've said it all year I said it after they beat Oregon I'll say it continuously when they end up with four losses stop it stop trying to inflate this team to make Alabama Lsu look better stop it now I don't think they will I don't know they're not going to stop well they show it doesn't matter but people that you're listening eighty seventy five percent or thank you Jesus not to I'm sorry Jesus Christ as my savior Florida had seven turnovers said four fumbles three intersect options and they won nineteen to twelve so auburn is out stop trying to keep them relevant for quality wins for other SEC teams they are out are you going to if you turn the ball over seven times and lose a game you are awed an average team and I'm giving you a gift at calling you lose three two or three they'll lose to Fisher but more story here is Auburn is not even I mean they should be ah they should be ranked like twenty three.

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