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I have said that to me so one of the that i that i mentor is starting to get online more than he said to me. And just because of who he is nine figure business he has he. Just he's famous said he automatically has but he barely social media. Presence is terrible right like campos. Those boys is kind of trying to figure it out. Just like the body of evidence right. he's trying to figure it trying to figure it out and he's i am not joking. He says to me. Do you believe this. Like i didn't even get a hundred legs on that bus. Barely one hundred. And so i asked him. You have to brush it off for a second. I'm like okay cool. Don't worry about it by the way. What would you do today. All i went to my you know my my daughter was back in class and it was bring your father to workday. I said okay. How many kids in your daughter's class and he says there because of covid etc is a larger room. It was twenty nine kids. And i said great. Did you do said i walked in on. I told them what i did for work every day. And they all ask me questions like you know mr. So and so how did you do and i. It was the best part of my day. I said how long were you there. He said why don't like ten twelve minutes. I said so. You were totally lit up by twenty nine kids. You know totally flagging you down. Etcetera and i said you got three times that engagement on a on a post that you just posted sitting in your tesla. I think you did amazingly. And he's like. Oh yeah if you ally shift. I'm like these are real people's..

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