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Said before the game. That we didn't think i did the poco we play. You know you just three grit results in the detroit newcastle. Psg and then you change it so he can play polka and then he ends up costing you so listen to the money just choice in the you got it wrong. By picking up. Josie spoke to parker after the game. Play the music starts. It was the best player in that game for now until radford came on and and and these the hud drake so he was up four. And i liked. The fi came out after the game. And you didn't have to come and speak to me on He did he explain what happens. You also spoke to to the premier league. I think into the bbc to explain. Put his hand up and rightly so saying this is my mom mistake responsibility. I made that foul. I gave it been onto your way Should i should. I should have been better in the game anyway. Canady also plan was to block and bruno fernandez and we couldn't find a solution to to to to find the space and to find more freedom to have an impact on again because ninian party were owners. Especially the first half the time i like. I like that. Of course he's right. He should have the more. I don't think. I don't think he's easier for him or easy for him. When is not a plan around him. There's no planned like. There was against leipzig august for example. I think he's hard for him. But also for bruno fernandez when as we've been saying tactically all over the place and i just don't think he hopes when you play on the left hand side over three four two three one formation. I don't think the helps mature. But i will always defend him as you know. I'm a bit biased. Because your wet. And i agree with you steve. He didn't do enough in the game. Just not so. He's had by the lack of tactics in that team at the moment in in some of the millions for sure. If you're only then how do you do it. Howdy fix it gills. How do you make plug for the best. He can be what we are. Though was the way forward you can play with to with bruno. And pretend. and then. You've got three midfielders. Behind you've got fred mcdowell. Menial who maybe there'd be more than you've got plugged on the left hand side was so good that you've entered in a midfield three days. Where when you minimize little bit the workday yesterday defensively certainly around your box like we saw against us nor because he lacks. Tv said wryly. He's not he's not very good at that but at least you get him the freedom to go forward on the left and size with the board in midfield three and i think that's where he is best and you. You can pay. I really thought he was going to play against is not a complete mishmash. And that's how. I think you could help him for him to play well. He has to be fully physically. And i'm not so he's just yet he was the covid. He had log injury last season. And i think he has to be right mentally as well to give the the best. I can lock against live. Seek against arsenal roy. Keane went viral with his rant. After the game. Steve very critical of the players. We've heard other former manchester united players as well critical of the current squad whilst a lot of them seem to evolve absolve. Soc of any sort of responsibility is that fair. No actually not listen. What ki- whe- keen said is. How disagree we because as a player a part of your responsibility as to be ready for the for the goal self-motivation which which roy's always on up. He's always on a boat. Don't tell me to do this do that. Well unfortunately people like roy keane playing the game anymore and saw one hundred percent all these only responsibility also is to make sure. Listen as a coach. Sometimes you can smell the dressing rooms flop before again and it's part of your job to be able to figure that out and so clearly only couldn't figure that nice that in my opinion is don't generally experience and spend time with your plans and no year plays in say no no what the thinking and how the behave and how what is normal. You know triple plays like normal and that means we. That's why we get ready same same every week on a rape. Burt fox is normal. Has job is to spot where it's not normal and he didn't do and that's lack of experience so he has to take responsibility for that as well tools. How different would the rhetoric around. Only gonna socia- if lauren blank.

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