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All right. Glad you shirt. For me tens of billions of years. The Rush Limbaugh. This joke over here. That's what the platform it didn't work. Don't touch. But I don't want that. I'm going to get arrested. Oh, he'll beat me. Silence me. And then he says, you're not gonna sound merica and then it's no wrestler, a hundred. No, but he's a what is all right. So all I hear is he deny Sania right? Is that him? That's Alex Jones, right? What does he have anything that's sensible Klay like, you know, when you if you use an avocado and you're only gonna eat half of it, leave the pit in the other half and put that because of lasts longer with the pit and one of his platforms does that one that I could be swayed if there's some super pragmatic side of him as well as only know for the sensational stuff, Virgil stuff, not the practical stuff. Yeah. Like, you know, when you're using some cream in your coffee and your down to just a little bit at the end of the get the good glass bottle with the whole cream in it. Yeah, dump a little hot coffee in its swish it around and then dump that in your coffee get every last drop. That cream out of that you watch info wars if that's part of his platform than I could somewhat agree with some of the stuff. But if it's all just denial of school shootings, life hack wars, they're, they're pretty outrageous. I'm looking for something someone reason while you do that, here's the very tail and last exchange as as Marco taps out of this conversation very mature. Everybody. Talk a little Fred boys, so cool Back to your bath. bath bath, some bath house rumors frat boys hanging out bad houses. How much of an early release would you want from a life sentence if you had to have sex with Alex Jones to get out. Wow. That was your key out was having sexual Alex Jones. Well, at least if you had sex with him and he told everyone, no one would believe him through see that going for you. We used to do a kind of spin that we'll which is like the half the wheel, Brian. You tell me who your favorite celebrity crushes. Carson Palmer, Carson Palmer, and the other one is Alex Jones, and you've got to know Natalie Portman Eliza. Milano youth. All right. Listen, Milano when she was fourteen now. That's all I'm saying is I think it is on k a Rockville years ago. Would you split it down the middle? And most people go now because fifty fifty chance could land on Alex Jones and Elissa Milano and then he all right. What if we did like a seventy thirty like piece of that pie was just Alex Jones has you're never gonna get on their shot. Alyssum Alonzo and also at a point if his pie gets small enough could argue, it's kind of God's will. For him. You know what I mean? It's in the cars you would have had it anyway. Yeah, I we bring that back. Most people don't do the fifty fifty spin, but they will do it once it starts getting into the sixty five to seventy five zone. Because you again, you have to pick your at a casino and you kind of picked that. We'll just one quarter of that pies, Alex Jones, the res- all list Malala John John was your risk comfort level, basically, thirty percent chance, whatever it is. We have a wheel here. What we can do that I could also work with insurance companies that underwrites the blue line hockey goal into the mouse hole thing with put the put the plywood in front of the goal. And the guy Schick tennis shoes gets out there on a pizza astroturf in like hits it from the blue line. And it goes into the four inch wide thing. She wins a million bucks, but companies ensure that they underwrite it would pay them fifty thousand dollars. And you go, wow, that's a lot of money. But yeah, you can't afford a million and you're basically saying, I'll give you a fifty just spin Alex Jones wheel. But if it lands on our Jones, you gotta suck them on, you know, I mean, maybe study five k. I don't know. You got to see about you wanna pay that company. And then obviously it's the pie gets a little smaller..

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