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Is kind of normal and so everyone in our families still abides by that and we've become spain. We really have tapas late at night. We're just getting people will call woody up to reduce making dinner. It's nine o'clock. And that's because i feel like we normally are trying to shoot for like eight but somewhere between eight thirty and nine thirty probably is usually and it feels nice that i think initially there was a feeling of like this really got away from us but now it just kind of feels like. I don't know why you're supposed to eat so early. It's weird so we've we've adopted later eating schedule and feels fine. I mean we're practically eating dinner tomorrow dinner as breakfast. That's it is out of control. And also i'm hungry earlier and then i just power no longer really hungry and i think why am i even eating this. I'm not that hungry. Wendy you guys get in bed by eleven. So i admire this so much. What are you getting up crazy early. Most of the time a lot of times these days. I do have to work really really late so by saying we get about at eleven. That's like on the weekends when we don't have. Sometimes i have to work till two in the working. So that's not great and also have become with food during the pandemic. It's the shower at this point like i. I don't enjoy it anymore. i don't wanna make it. I don't even eat it. I don't care about it if you go back to liking food when this is over but right now. It's just like another thing in the day. That i have to figure out how to do like we're just working like we're just working so much. Like in a not competing. I'm so lucky to have a job but like a you know. I'm on the clock all day. And then i usually take time for the kids between six and nine or nine thirty and then i just go right back to work a lot of the time Till midnight sometimes a lot later..

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