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That being said from the Libertarian perspective. I look at things like this and to me this is basically the libertarian business. All right. I think that the fundamental like the fundamental libertarian principle is basically believing in private property rights in the non aggression principle. I when it comes to judging the state, my rule of thumb thumb is basically that I judge the state the same way I judge private individuals because if we're talking about what's right and wrong where all just people and there's no, you can't like if morality is a thing if you accept that, I'm not going to get into the debate about whether or not morality exists. But if you accept that morality exists, then you can't say we just made up a new class of people that don't play. By. The same moral rules as the rest of people do that's bullshit and so if the state taxes people and starts a war, I judge at the same way, I would if some private person taxed people and started a war, we would say, oh, that person is stealing from people and murdering people. So I don't have a now. My point is basically that in these examples I judge the cops in the same way I would judge will, how would I feel about private security doing the same? The same. The same. Now you could say, well, I don't care because they're not private and they're funded by taxes thirds funded by taxation. So they're the bad guys and it's like, okay yes, that is true to one level however I think it's pretty reasonable for most libertarians to say that. If as long as we have a state monopoly on police. Were not. Against them defending. People and property you know as long as so in other words if a cop showed up and there was a guy with a gun and he's about to shoot a pregnant woman in the face and the COP shoots that guy and saves this pregnant woman's life I don't think to you know at and Libertarians. Police brutality just a crazy example. I. Know it's not this guy did the right thing. I. Don't think it would be a reasonable response to say, but he's funded through taxation. It's like, yes. Okay. I agree with you but let's judge this specific act were altogether on the fact that that's wrong. But let's judge this specific act was and in the. Scenario, I just painted you'd be like no that's completely justified so I'm not saying the cops are justified in the situation I don't know I I'll have to wait for more facts to come out and it sure is bullshit that the people who are going to do the investigating are the state that that is absolutely bullshit and in any private situation like this you would you would absolutely insist that. This should be investigated and it should be investigated by a neutral third party not a different department of the same corporation. Nobody would accept that in the private situation, right? Like it wouldn't just be like Oh don't worry. We'll have our other wing of our office handle this investigation we'd like now now there's a conflict of interest there. That's not how we're going to do this guys. Let's TAKE A. Quick Second. So I can thank our awesome sponsor for today's show, which is status Schmo a novel by Bert Walker. It's the quintessential page turning political thriller. It's written by Anna Capitalist Bert Walker Walker says I had a dream that the public became outraged about a government out of control and they peacefully revolted I woke up pissed because it was a dream then I wrote a novel about it you. Guys got to check out this novel I think you're GONNA love it government bureaucracy incompetence and evil had a contest to see which could more easily ruin someone's life. They shows Joe Winston a near endless list of absurd things happen to the main character Joe, Winston Aka Joe schmo negligence, incompetence vengefulness, financial ruin, and playing evil that could only happen through the nearly unstoppable force of government the events that happened. Joe Are so depressing Walker had to employ vast amounts of hilarious sick humor just to keep readers from puking in throwing the book against the wall find out just how bad the state fuck up your life find out just how bad the state can fuck you up with the recent efforts going cashless though the book is fiction every negative event that happens to joe is based on a real life. Event, that's happened to actual Americans. One of the main characters in the book is actually based on a libertarian video podcasters in many ways. Kind of like yours truly told in a sharp stinging voice dripping with the blistering tools of sarcasm and crude humor jazz you guys..

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