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Boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate donations. Back to the Steve Cochran show. We've got monitors banks of monitors all over the walls here and watching these waves build in Santa Rosa beach, and Panama City and all along the Florida, panhandle. It's scary stuff. Tom skilling, America's weatherman Johns, and my friend, Tom skilling. Good morning, sir. Hello, steve. How are you? I'm doing just fine. How are you? I'm fine. Watching a a bit of meteorological history fold, you know, there has never been a hurricane this strong. They hit the Florida panhandle, and that's one hundred sixty seven years of wetter records. It'll be the first category. Four hurricane Adoc. Sure. In florida. You were talking about the wave, Steve we've got vital projections of forty foot waves offshore made world wages sixty feet. But what happens on shore includes a anywhere from nine to fourteen foot storm surge that's like raising the level of Lake Michigan nine to fourteen feet. Putting the wages of wins on top of it. So they've never seen anything like this before. And the please going out some officials down there to take this seriously. It's fast becoming too late for anybody lingered on the coastline to get out of here. But this is described as a catastrophic catastrophic Urkaine, and it's not impossible that this thing might actually flick. The cat five intensity before it finally makes landfall there. You would think in the Florida there've volley been seven hurricanes hit Florida with any lower air pressure is stronger. Winston this one's crazy. And the panhandlers. See nothing. I think about it. Stephen the last year..

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