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Maybe three days this entire year. Didn't we talk about that? So there's some sound of him, uh, sounding an awful lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger did recently. With respect to his thoughts about freedom. Listen, this is the guy, you know, I'm not getting the vaccine. That's the guy who died time Max, Mr Anthony and he died. Yeah, he's dead. It's no longer walks. But there were three other guys too. I don't have tape of all of them. And they're on the radio preaching mission. When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say you now it's mandatory to get back stated their freedom. I want my freedom to live. Wow. So when you get to a point where you're saying f your freedom, that's when you know you're just lost. Well, look, Howard Stern has a very important place in the history of radio changed the business. But anybody who knows anything about Howard Stern or has studied him knows he's a miserable person. It sounds like it's whole life has been One giant ball of misery and he is is just once again showing it cannot buy you everything. And then Howard Stern is a twisted, demented. I mean, and I mean that internally, and I think he's been pretty candid about a lot of his Struggles that he's had, and you know that's that's his belief system, and they're they're their own worst enemy for the cause. They're claiming to to promote because people he's like making fun of unvaccinated people who have died. Well, you know, and he's got his group of people I've always said I understand Howard Stern was was is has a very important place in the history of radio. He changed the game. But after about 14, I started thinking this guy sucks. He's not a very good broadcaster. I've never thought his show is overly compelling. It was groundbreaking because of the envelopes. He pushed on the stuff he got away with it. In terms of content creators, broadcasters sucks. He's a miserable human being miserable. Uh, alright. Well, we haven't had voicemails in a while. And so you had this weird thing going on last week was last week where you were all like obsessed with Charlie Hall. No, I just pointed out that I have a new favorite professional athlete, and you're trying to convince me that she's extraordinarily good looking. She disagree. No, I don't notice people's appearances as a collective. Charlie Hall is a British golfer. I saw her at the Solheim Cup, which is the USA and Europe. Uh, Every other year competition. And she has some nice thighs that help her hit the golf ball. Well, well there, you know, we had a big spat about it because I like pointed to about seven other female golfers who I thought were way more attracted to body. Shame. It was a pretty low maneuver Mock. No, I did not. In fact, try to body shame. I face shamed more than my body shaved because I thought that there were other female golfers that actually had the whole package. But the difference is like page Paranaque. Who is the one you threw out there. She's not a professional golfer. She tried to be. She was on the minor league tour, and she made like $8000 and had to quit. You have to actually be a golfer to be a hot female golfer. She's not a golfer. Okay, well, they're obviously because people choose to call about the really important things that we talked about. There was some reaction. In fact, we had two messages from John. Let's start with that first one. Samarkand robbers, Sean, Uh, you guys were talking today about females or women, Um, sportscasters and said, You know what? Hang on, Kevin. That's my bad. John is actually calling about the female sportscasters. Remember how we also have this conversation about whether or not it's fine or good have Female sports analysts play by play caller people because it was a Walsh, Matt Walsh. Matt Walsh was saying. It's just like they've ruined football, essentially which is a little harsh, but I actually don't entirely disagree with just preferring Men during college football, NFL games and so on. And weirdly enough as crazy as this is between Jacob you're you and myself. I was the most open to having women in sports. You were so we'll listen to John's missing and we'll get back to the Charlie Hall thing. Hey, Mark and Robert. Sean. Uh, you guys were talking today about female or women, um, sportscasters and stuff. I'm not a big fan of it, either. Um I feel like It brings something to the game if the broadcaster is the former player or coach. They have stories to tell that have you know and understanding of the game better. The same one with sideline reporters. I'm not a huge fan of the women's sideline reporters just me. And I wish they would go back to the way it was where women did women's death and then there's men stuff, but I think it would be better that way so popular back He had a P s second message. In Mark and Rob this shown again. I got more unfortunate casting stuff. Um Are we ever going to get rid of Joe Buck and Troy can't stand them guys, and they've been, you know broadcasters. Forever. Time to move on and on the sidelines. I think we ought to have comedians doing the sideline reporting because back when Dennis Miller did Monday night football It added humor to the game. And I think there would be they would look at things and see things on the sideline that were funny are different. So that's my extra, so populated back. That's an interesting idea. Comedians on the sidelines and we said this. Why are we so afraid to tell people what we're doing? And why You have a hot chick on the sidelines who interviews because you look at her. Like what? Like what? We talked about this in a variety of things where people are just afraid to say this is our target audience. This is who are appealing to? Sometimes that target audiences men. Sometimes it's women. Sometimes it's black. Sometimes it's white. It's okay to say this is who the majority of our customer bases and we're crafting our product. Around that look at Hammer sports betting show he has Mackenzie on there. We know why Mackenzie's there and God love her for it. And God love hammer for it. It's hammers the sports guy longs the funny guy and Mackenzie. That's why people like all the stuff Hammer does. He gives the people what they want. Okay, so back to Charlie Hall. We had two different guys call in, uh, about Charlie Hall. Let's listen to the first one. Anyway, talk to anybody. Or maybe just speaking, That's the guy that doesn't understand how voicemail works. Yes, I just want to say Rob, Keep talking about this Charlie Hall. I think maybe we have a problem. The reason that rob lectures that Rob Epstein kindle lights are so well, it's because of her youthful Charm by now, Charlie Hole is like 26 years old talking about here. Just called, Um, She's like 26 years old. And you have a very, very strict rules about legality. Yes. So nobody has been more emphatic about the board. You know the rules? Yes. The rules in the board game of life players, 18 and up. All right, What's the other Charlie Hall one. Mark and Rob Love. You guys called him plenty of times..

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