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I don't know. They don't want to come away without points. Here. Wets lines the month. Wow. They're gambling. This is again. Campbell right here. Have the backfield wince is lobbing it and it is incomplete and no Flug pay through it for her team. Butler Akeem Butler, who you've hardly heard. And he put it up there, and Butler couldn't come down with it. Our butler had never been targeted in the NFL and any other receiver maybe just said he's got a bad hand. That's right. Eye is serious idea. What? I know what you want. You want to hear what Doug's got the sack? Well, these options whoever this guy is, you know, initially he was going. He was heading to the wrong side of the field beaten when he got back over to the right side of the field. Or the right side of the formation. He was uncovered and when we snapped the ball, the defender, um had gotten back over there just in enough time to really knock the ball away. He's a big athletic guy, and we put that play and specifically for him and and the Giants made a play. Excuse me, Jonesy. Yes, I have that right. You did. This guy didn't even know what a line on a place designed for him. It's the only play and he went to the wrong side. He has one play in the playbook. And he lined up incorrectly. Biggest playoff team that moment, Jonesy. At that moment, I would have had to use a timeout. Yes, take him out of the game and say maybe you would want to try a different Korea. How confident would be it for the quarterback? That's gotta throw him the ball. He's looking over. Where is he? Right now? The next one. I am a hawk when I watched you this stuff because I like it when the coach has got to make a spot decision. This is during the ridiculous 97 yard drive that I thought I put the game away for the Giants on the middle of this drive. They have third nine and they throw the ball to Sterling Shepherd, right. Sterling Shepard clearly goes down before he reaches the marker. Correct? Yeah, I I have no idea with Joe Judge. Their coach would have done fourth and inches. I'm not sure, but he did not get the first. Just that. I know. He knew he didn't get it. Either way. We're going to get that place. No, I know he did. But at that point, he is apparently what happened. They didn't do a good job. Cover Decide. You know, they didn't. Um Doug Peterson wasn't sure what to do. But he was a former quarterback out, right? So he finally got the word from upstairs. He didn't make it. So Doug took the red flag and threw it 20 yards, so it would be near a ref. But much like Doug's quarterback career. It was incomplete, but it was a wounded here is here is the way they described it on TV.

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