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I well disparities are also an indicator of who is more at risk of contracting the corona virus according to Dr charger king at UCLA those who have a history of distrust in the medical industry or who know that they will not be able to afford their hospital bills are less likely to seek treatment contributing to higher mortality rates in black P. O. C. and low income communities people go hospital with symptoms and suggest that they have a coronavirus I windy get in the hospital off in the first question they ask when they're suggested that they remain at the hospital how much is this going to cost who's going to pay for because they're accustomed to being in a situation where some treatment is given to them and some are on down the line there's an enormous massive bill they want to be able to be tested and get out if they cannot have that question answered how much is this going to who is this report J. were read and go back home and sometimes go back home and go back to work passes are also urging president Donald Trump to make treatments and testing more readily available to vulnerable populations according to the department of defense the passage of the defense production act will provide resources including thirty nine million masks to hospitals throughout the country but whether these resources will be equitably distribute it is unclear for KPFA Amaran feral Massachusetts senator and former democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren today endorsed Joe Biden in the democratic presidential race her video endorsement of Biden today followed endorsements by Bernie Sanders and former president Barack Obama.

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