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Almost left on a bus. When. You're GONNA fish fryer. No, no in Spain, savvy I, was so pissed off I was like Oh shit. Like double back and the guy was like. In the bath like the driver was in the bathroom with me. At the same time not. Correct. Yeah that whole quick, but whatever? But then you're like I. Go over this direction and I'm like Oh shit. Where's my water bottle? And then I'm like. Oh! Man. He was gearing up to get out of there and I'm like well why? Don't off without. Be Guess what? Color. Welcomes Radio program color. Who Do we have on the line? June you hear me okay. Sexy. I can hear you fine. Can you hear me now? I. Don't know how much time you have, but I have got a doozy of the story you just if you the small meeting their large large. Yeah, I've been following you on the book face and. I think there's a lot to tell so if you wanna just rip right into it, big sexy by the way folks as for those of you who are not probably new to the program as you, you know who Jason Is. Is is currently writing the country to state. Capitals and is in Minneapolis Minneapolis. I'm in. Moscow. Difference Minneapolis Chaska especially right now. No doubt so you. You probably have more than one story, but let's hear about how.

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