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It was Nicole at said this Judo guys are like just like the soccer players over football players over overseas urine arena of eighty thousand. People watching you these guys do Judah and stuff you come here watch it. It's a REC center. That's boy didn't put you look at the UFC and you look look at all this that it's it's bringing all sports that had no financial other than being an instructor there there is some glory in it. There is some financial gain. There is some what whatever whatever I mean some people just do it to be shut out of people. I mean I don't me personally will. Jitsu make it in the Olympics. Don't know name. I think the catch wrestling side of it. I think. Eighty CC wolves style. Yeah would definitely basically because look what they did did. The wrestling to freestyle and Greco Russell fought did offer. That'd be another. She like what what will sit. What would it be under right now? Doesn't make sense practically even though I love the ten minute match doesn't make sense to have tim imagine like wrestling five minutes. Six six minute coach one period and then they went back to where it was three periods three many matches and best two or three wins unless a pin and then it went two to three minute. Matches are periods. And I'm like Oh six hundred match. Just let them wrestle. That's bought you. Remember in ninety. What World Tournament was it? They changed the fucking roles in the middle of the world turn changed the world tournament. They changed it. Worlds was ninety. Three brains brothers were in. I mean both but look at the I will style wrestling what it was doing to the Eastern Bloc. Russian everything weird. It was that in your face. We're GONNA break you mentality would gave a one so I mean that's kind of go back to the statement was made on is rustling more short American wrestling. No I don't think if you go to the Eastern block you go to Russia and stuff like that yet more more than it is. I think we're getting closer and I think a major thing that hurt us. Was Dave Scholz his murder because it was the dupont. Nisha blame that on this thing that He's he's part of that decline from Congress and the wrestling but side the point What that that thing of what? I can't see him is if I saw him on the streets. Fight back on that but it on site. So let's talk about sites like these little things that they're adding an on this. I'd like this on site every week in the trap house we talk about who's on site and it's And also another one onsite means that if you see somebody on the street it's fucking on its in it. You gotta throw right right then and there no matter what's happening. You know you could be with your you know your wife. Your parole officer. Whatever this do they get to join in on it. The onsite victim. Yeah well I mean if that's I mean that's that's it onsite onsite. Defend yourself if you don't want to defend yourself this pretty well known I'm eating can can the wife and kids join in on this because I really. I want to beat the person's asked by myself and I I think this is on you. Okay grandkids. No I I'm glad you brought that up. I mean it's important to everyone understands. What the parameters Wilson. Yes yes and so. This is so my onsite of the week and I'd like we we should. It will extend this kind of this conversation. I think a little bit later is I wanNA. It's onsite with anyone who says that cowboy sucks because he lost to just not a fresh take and I don't WanNa hear about you know there's a lot of fucking Steve Smith South. That's right there's a lot of right there's A. There's a crowd source community of varying levels of authority. All Stephen a Smith's right punctures enemies. Twitter is rife with these right and It's just it's just and I'm okay with like a hot take like if you just say some shit to be Just get to be a gene controversial and raise somebody you know. Somebody's got to be some kernel of truth in there and You know if you look at the people that cowboy lost to in the last in the last over his last ten fights who've fucking highest level high levels okay fucking stupid and and I mean while Ron Subject Yeah Stephen a Smith is in that under the umbrella. Okay of people who had that very shitty. Take about cowboys. Roni being washed up over the hill. No good anyway. Everyone knew he sucked going into this thing you know. It was a work. Fickle FAN base. It's just it's really ridiculous so stephen a Smith now. One of the things that people have been sharing of course Stephen Smith workout video right. Like we're a little arm punch. You can come up with a high do punch on top and but I can't now I kind of I have to feel for Stephen. A on that because I've seen videos at me working out and it is cool whether it's like focuses trainer. That's letting that happen. Let it get filmed at the same time that is. I know who that is if somebody's getting paid one hundred dollars. He wants to facilitate this work and he wants to make his his customer field. Actually I love. I love that a lot so my last point about this. This other thing is that in adjacent shared this was a King Mo and I don't know who is intolerance John Lewis those. These guys did a recreation of Stephen Smith workout. Video is just a short a little funny but the thing Stephen. He's looking good. But King Mo actually has some real low key chemo. Strikes me is like one of the funniest people in the world. I mean. He's a great promos Jason's as more time with his amazing but he's like he's really funny too even though he's the trainer so I committed citizens this this is over. Yeah it's GonNa get so I'd like I've seen videos of meat like grappling people and of course in my eyes. I'm I'm fucking flowing like water you know. I'm in the Matrix but like when I see the video. It's like a sad humping you know it so. I can't get mad at Stephen F for film and his work on him. These shared it with the world. I would not I see this picture me like you know wrestling an alligator or whatever and it's just like. Oh my God I by not putting that online you know you get talking million views alligator. Well I know it's more of a sad humping than wrestling alligators a really miserable like sex. Act Without completion. I mean that's kind of what to me and then no no wait a minute. What about that? What did you say though? Formed Florida Florida. The guy that supposedly was it which wanted to alligator then fought it. Oh I didn't even debunk. But somebody's probably done a nice sized anything with a whole. Yeah who's your of the week side of the week? Jason is hard got mine was fucking Stephen Smith I. We're GONNA umbrella Stephen. A Smith and his followers. The people that are following that idea that cowboy socks or that the fight was rigged or anything like that in order to something Jason. You said it and I don't know if we had everything up and going and stuff but you said it. Anime IS DIFFERENT THAN FUCKING. Football is completely different and anybody in house a different. How's IT different? Yeah and you're from where you're coming from in a way it's controlled chaos. It's a fucking fight but there's roles at any moment that ref could stop the fucking fight at any moment. The coaches can throw a talent. The IT could be ended. Person can get knocked out but until that happens it's chaos. It's a fucking fight. People don't understand you're going in there even though that you're giving the five before owner you're not you've done the way in the shit talking all that is said and done still gotta walk that walk to the cage. And you know this and I've been able to watch fighters through this process. You're still walking into a fight. It's just like you're in fifth grade. You and your best friend started talking. Shit. It's like I'm GonNa meet you behind the fucking school and you're walking to that firefight. Guess what that person's punched in the face. Well here's here's the Stephen A. Quote. I'm quite disgusted. This was right after the in the post fight right even complete. You're watching four. Four hundred seventy cream trevy as quite disgusted. Let me be very very clear. I'm honored to be here with you. Guys I'm a spectator watching. The sport had no shit to say something super obvious. I expected to see more than forty seconds. I predicted McGregor was going to win this fight. Inside of two rounds. I thought he would take him out. Here's the deal. Fifteen seconds in cowboys. Surani done he got hit with those shoulders in the Clinton he was done. It looked like he gave up. It was just an intrusion performance on his part however Smith and said Mcgregor only got hit with a leg kick to the arm and that's it. Alex Smith proclaimed Surani was in over his head. You know the difference between a fighter. That's calm cool collected ready for the pressure and it's outweighed by somebody this clearly in over their head when you look a Catholic ceremony. That was not a guy that was prepared to fight. Tonight we knew was going to be prepared. We didn't connor was going to be ready. We wondered whether or not he would take him out early. Cobblestones the bigger stronger guy supposedly for him to be hurt. Fifteen seconds get away from the clinch and still just let connor right back. Adam come on smarter than that except for tonight and I mean I'm sure he continued on for a fucking our so that's the essential still back real quick because Aj we got to watch the fight with each other so he say at the actual shoulders is what started the whole the before. All transition of what happened. I'm sorry did not connerotte across the cage clipped him with that fucking hot with by missing that Superman Punch. That's what started where Sironi enclosed. Yeah got into the and then guess what video came out McGregor. It's been been practicing those shoulder to shoulder strikes so I'm gonNA give it up to his coaching to understand. Hey you're smaller than these guys. We're going to use this as as striking a very smart on his coach. Sure Yeah I mean I guess what? It's not an eight point game anymore. There's not eight eight things attacking. He added nine and ten Stephen. I don't understand why they bring it's just like bringing a boxing referee to two are not a referee. A judge to judge in heaven may fight and then they bring these guys straight from like Stephen as football. I know I don't know what other sports he does. But you guys are fucking experience. They bring him right over and just put them into a fight. Like hey have you been? Have you been watching training a little bit like? Do you know anything about this sport. Like what do you know about the sport and just like this guy's a commentator was over there you know so have you guys seen the video Steven Naismith? Just put out laughing associates okay. Yeah he's talked about. Some other topic goes into that he says why. I've got twenty plus years and all this and guess what? Espn has the most view using most views that I can't argue with. You can't argue with a good job is to the sport. I can't argue with that like Stephen. That's that's probably why they do it right. Steven Naismith Smith is on. This was the biggest trendy thing deal on the Internet. It's probably gotta be this 'cause look at it. Everybody is probably taught every refunding sports other than Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is trending right now. I I think the issue is is like for football. Nobody really talks like Oh. You can't do that against the.

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