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Love, this podcast. Support this show through the cast supporter feature. It's up to you how much you give and there's no regular commitment. Just click the link in the show description to support now. and. Welcome to a new episode of draw coffee and I'm your host spread. Deisler and this week were talking about how well. Came News but the poll debacle of in video thirty, eighty launch it was a pretty bad debacle. Basically it was. It was bad he. Basically, showed why. There needs to be by limits on it and there needs to be more. Restrictions on how many people can buy stuff N. Y. Pre orders are necessary, but we'll get into that but let's get on with the Tech News. So I stop we had the playstation event this past week, and it said that there would be an Alpha for call duty Cold War multiplayer, which was really fine to me because it's like, why is there one Alpha for a console that's very fixed and you don't really have variations to it. But for PC's there's nothing which has a multitude of variations which you can have a bunch of problems with. That's the one you should be doing an Alpha for now. The PS five early care about that it's a fixed set of hardware. You get a PS five it's a PS five. It's a PS five. There's no modifications to it whatsoever. There's nothing you was just as really weird. You can play an Alpha to affixed. Console game that really won't. Surprises too much because it's fixed. On the PC side, you really want to have an Alpha because people have so many different configurations. It would just it mind boggles me sometimes about these exclusively clauses that Sony does. Also, really funny because. You don't need an Alpha for the PS five. I'm sorry you just don't Beta fine but Alpha, you don't need one unless you're really early testing this. You don't need. Appears. Five. Alpha and the next up. We have GODFA supposed to be coming out on November twelfth on the PC and the PS five. and. That should be interesting to see I'm not really impressed with it just seems like. All the rest type of dark souls with RPG type of Gameplay. It didn't really impress me. There wasn't anything new to it, but it was interesting. The funny part about.

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