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I wanna say this oakwood farmers. One hundred percent, right. Green has never coming back to the chase. Over you know, what I don't care. What what he lied to the chase more to say? You're more mad about the lying or you mad about what you saw the video. The video the video. What we didn't wanna see? Made it true. You know that any partial woman animals over. Okay, we have to we saw that. We knew what was going to happen afterwards. You know? So I'm ready to get ready for the raven. There you go. There's your guy. We'll give him tickets to their just my guy. That's too good calls for you in just my gun. I mean, I think we got the true, you know, the true cheese. Kingdom fans it really as thing. Lone Jack sworn I had to dump them. Doesn't mean he's done a true chief's fan. Well, he didn't understand the rules of the radio. Patrick, you're next up. What's patrick? Hey, guys. All right. So even Kareem hunt told achieves the truth in February beating you'd still be on the team. Let's go around the room and ask real quick Pete. Do you think you'd still be achieved? If if we knew about this February the full the full the full thing percent barber. Do you think you'd be a chief still today hundred and ten percent? I agree with you. I think he's still on the chiefs. All right. And how do you got? In the playoffs. Now, if they had a better running up, no. This guy ten and two we're gonna find out. They gotta get where right ready. They gotta get Eric berry back and see what they can do their close to being a Super Bowl contender. They have now four games left to figure out the kinks. All winnable get Eric berry back in the mix. Get you know, your your new running back by committee situated sure, some of these problems on defense, he hoped that berry Consol out of those kind of clean up the penalties a little bit things that are shooting yourself in the foot. And then hopefully, you have a by if along the way you can can string together some wins. You still control that you control your own destiny. Even though you have two losses, and then hopefully, also too you have it wrapped up by week seventeen. So we could finally see Chad Henny baby Henny given Sunday against the raiders week seven team. They better get berry back because they got nobody who can cover grunk if gronk even makes it to the postseason with his health gronk may have walk. Her by then still better than ninety percent of the Thais. Kelsey is so injury prone. He is he's a fifty five year old man wrapped up in that body. Unbelievable, patrick. Thanks, man. Jordan. You're next up. What's up, Jordan? Yes. So it is true. That Oakland Raiders give up some memos sites in the NFL. Correct. Give up the most tax in the NFL. They give up their wanna teams that give up the most. I can look that up for you. Yes. Go ahead while I look that up. Go ahead with your point. Okay. Well, then what is our major malfunction what gonna take the put a five man line on Mr. Barbour? I mean, you just make a call. We'd go out front put five Gaza. I mean put five guys online take one out of the secondary, which we don't need. So. Always a little give and take. So if you wanna get more immediate pressure. Then you gotta you gotta you gotta give up some some underneath coverage over the top help. So right now, it seems like they're more comfortable with the foam rush trying to you You know. know, have seven in the secondary to try to cover. So. Guy picked poise and he wanted to try to get the quarterback release it earlier, do you? You know, you won't help on the back in Oakland. Thirty six sacks this year that is fifth worst in the National Football League. Dallas Tennessee the giants. Houston are worse. Green Bay is tied with Oakland for the most sacks give it up. So I I mean, they got a couple of them today. They got to they had a couple of strip Saxon there. They they got to car it seems and I'm not saying that defense looked at all good today. But it seems like the type of team in the playoffs..

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