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Have mikey's name up there with them. I think we're fortunate jaakko. We're fortunate that we knew people like that. And there will be people who will go to their graves that never experience that kind of heroism that kind of commitment at kana courage that kind of teamwork the camaraderie. They will never ever experience it. And i think you are very fortunate that we've had that opportunity indeed. Wouldn't trade it for the world going back to two lamb song once you had that. Would they give you night arrest. Then you started flying missions again. I had two days down and then started flying again. It was after that that During the resupplies. When i think the arvin knew that the nba had a hell of a lot more confidence in her ability than the arvin did It was after that doing doing those resupply missions in there that that i actually experienced them abandoning the battle space I didn't experience that before. Lam son seven. One nine always thought it interesting when we would go into a pc Early morning put put put the chopper down waiting for them. To load up the arvin the south it means load up but dot sims sitting there and they had water in there still pots and they were brushing their teeth. And it was like this is extremely important. That are brush my teeth and always song. Well that's kind of interesting that they're doing that personal hodge gene in aragon. Pour the water out. Put your helmet liners back in. Put their helmets. Undergo climb aboard this aircraft and god knows what faces them when they hit the elderly. But they made sure that their teeth clean As this goes on like you said The tide started to turn and and I think the goal.

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