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Sorry, you fought for free professionally. Yes. Sometimes yet only only 'cause I wanna make my no after some guys, I know to go to Evans, I have two men guys. Then sometimes I find it because big a Vinci, then I go that I find sometimes how recently like when was the last time you fought for free. Last time. Yeah. Sit alone them. And they got the only the travel the, no, wow. I mean along the. That's like a couple years ago. Yeah. Bless your last year. You're fighting for free. Yeah. Did they tell you that they were gonna pay you? And then they lie to you. Or you knew that you're you're not going to get paid anything. To me. Okay. Wow. That is unbelievable. Well, those days are over my friend. Yeah. For the title. You got no money. Yeah. Well, now, you're doing well everyone's talking. Make me happy. Right. Right. And what what makes you upset, Johnny? 'cause you're always smiling when you're walking to the cage you're smiling after the fight you're smiling. Does anything bother you know, I'm happy. I bought a happy, I'm happy. Anyway. I don't want it to be happy. All right because I love born for this issue happy when they then I'm happy you be Henry the Silva and the contender series in August. And you come back and be Khalil Roundtree and your debut. I think opening everyone's eyes and just a minute and fifty seven seconds was back in November. And then just this past weekend. Fifteen seconds. Unbelievable. Spinning back fist the punches on the ground. Thank God that that kicked in a land. You say it wasn't close. I'm happy to hear that Johnny. Congratulations on how your career has started in the U of C. This has been a lot of fun to watch. You are you are definitely a player at two five and everyone is on notice. And I want you to keep smiling. Keep dancing keep doing your thing. Because it's been a lot of fun watching you this far great. To meet you as well. Congratulations. And we'll talk to very soon think appreciate that havoc with the day or night there. But you God bless you as well. It is day over here. And we are all talking and thinking about Johnny Walker one of the big stars from this past weekend in Fortaleza, Brazil, what a performance again, fifteen seconds. He debuts in August on the contender series show and his last two fights have gone, a combined two minutes, and what twelve seconds the big win over cluele Rowntree the knockout and the first round back in Argentina. And then the win over just on the debt this past weekend. What a performance unbelievable. He says that it wasn't close. It looks close to me. It looked like it initially actually when I saw it in real time. I thought it actually hit and that would have been devastating. But then they show the replay. It didn't look like it was quite all there. Then look like a connected. He says that he was actually aiming for the chest. God didn't really seem like he needed to even throw that. But. He says he wasn't aiming for the head. So I'm happy to hear that he is still to know. And now I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with him next because they've got options for this guy and Lord knows two hundred and five pounds needs. It Lord knows they need it. They need some fresh faces. No doubt about that. Johnnie Walker is one of those guys way better than Walker Johnny Johnny Walker wherever you're you're at not the fighter, but the company the liquor company signed this man, give him a sponsorship deal. He's doing great things in the octagon with a big smile on his face. This kind of guy that you need, you know, it'd be smart if proper twelve up behind him to stick it. I don't know if that's in the same ballpark as far as actual liquor goes. But it would be a nice little turn of events. Okay. Let's move along. Of course, biggest story of Saturday Marla mariah's, what a performance in the main event against fell, son. So he submits a sense of Yogi teen choke into three minutes and seventeen seconds. He avenged his loss to a sell the super close split the. Vision laws back in two thousand seventeen and he has now cemented his place the top the rankings. He should be fighting for a title next..

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