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It has for about 70% of the half a million people who've tried it and have ordered more, go to relief factor dot com or call 800 for relief to find out about this offer, feel the difference. Somewhere. On the sea hey folks final segment talking with Pete hegseth and David Goodwin battle for the American mind uprooting a century of miseducation. So Pete the headline here is that you're not just an empty talking head on Fox and Friends. It's not like they say he's smart. He could do things. It gives me such joy to know that you not only get this stuff, but that you've joined with David and written a book about it and that you're using your platform to get the word out to the American people about what is happening. I think part of this has been as a father, a journey of discovery myself as a parent. And that's how we've treated this book and how we treated the film series at Fox nation as well. David, I call him my Sherpa, you know? He's leading me through and I'm discovering in real time very much like most of our viewers are right now. Oh my goodness. I knew there were some problems. I didn't realize it was this big. And hopefully, because I've only more recently made some of the choices to get my kids intentionally into some of these schools. So all of us are behind the curve. And I feel this ticking clock in my mind of every moment they're not in that education. I'm not doing what I should be doing for them. Yes, I need to be doing it in the home. Yes, I need to be doing it in church, but to not have the third part of that of the classroom reinforcing the things that I believe. I'm just losing time. And so I would urge the same thing to parents, do the research, take a look, it's not enough to feel like your principles are nice guy or you've got two members of the school board. That's wonderful. We should fight those places. I don't think we should give up any space. But right now we're in a knife fight. We're in the kill zone. And they've got us surrounded and you've got to act when you're in that spot. Well, I got to tell you, that's a fact what you just said. And there are lots of people that don't get that. They don't have the urgency. They think, oh, you're being hot heads. How I wish that were true. How I wish that were true. I mean, look, Chesterton was talking about this stuff in the 1920s. Some people saw this and they've been talking about it. C. S. Lewis was talking about it in the abolition of man. This has been going on and on and on and on. And all along the bad guys will smile at you and say, we want to help your kids in the new world here that we're creating. To me, it's the level of urgency that needs to be communicated. And I know you do in the book that what is the website again for the classical Christian classical Christian dot org. Classical Christian dot org. There's just no way around it. You don't have America without these ideas. In other words, the west, the Greek tradition, the geo Christian tradition, come together to make real freedom possible and people died for this. And when you remove those things, it's a Brave New World. It's China. It's def camps. But people don't believe that. They don't seem to understand and how close we are, basically. Well, before, I mean, we tend to see what's closest to us, obviously. If we go back in history before Christ and before this form of thought and education, it was an ugly place. It was pretty brutal. People thought we did not want to go back there. People don't realize. I mean, look, because my mother grew up in East Germany and my father came from Greece where the communists were trying to take over. They raised me to love this country and to understand how horribly bad it can be. But I think most Americans think like, how bad could it get? Maybe the economy will down, it would go down or gas prices will go up to ten bucks. So okay. But you know what? It can't get that bad. They don't seem to understand that when you pull these things out, it becomes a satanic nightmare. They just won't believe it until they see it. But I think people are beginning to see it. I think American exceptionalism comes with a dose of feeling of America inevitability. And as a result, people say, well, yeah, it's bad, but there's no way we can be that. And things will be okay. And my kid is going to be just fine. And so there is a complacency inside all of us. And when you start to realize the depth of the problem, you realize how small you are, which is a wonderful recognition actually, but that means you can affect something. You can choose where your kids go to school. You can choose where your grandkids go to school. And that's the beautiful message of the.

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