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Right now it is seventy five degrees and we have a clear sky in spring garden going down to six the full five day forecast is coming up in just a few moments bucks county man pleads no contest to the aggravated assault of his wife who suffered severe brain damage after falling from his pickup truck what happened on the lincoln highway last summer kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert with the update according to prosecutors thirtythreeyearold andrew ryan told police his wife robin ryan was bickering about money after they left the bar run five thirty on july twenty four last year several witnesses say they saw ryan's pickup truck swerve at a high rate of speed and a female fall from the passenger door lending headfirst on the pavement she was then run over by the landscaping trailer attached to the truck ryan entered a no contest plea not admitting guilt but conceding he would likely be convicted at trial robin ryan remains in the veterans active state and is not expected to recover from injuries including severe traumatic brain injury a broken leg and shoulder blade sensings planned for september prosecutors reserve the right to file homicide charges if she dies from the injuries in doylestown jim melwert kyw newsradio hundreds of americans remain trapped in haiti where violent protests are erupting in the country's capital over a hike in fuel prices among those trapped are dozens of missionaries from michigan over forty missionaries for metro detroit are now sheltering in place chris barnett is the leader of the group he says the joined hundreds of americans that a secure location outside the capital portauprince i think there's roughly three hundred and fifty people your total at this compound now we're all together probably at least fifty percent of them are high school age i don't think we're going to do anything without the us government barnett says their primary goal is to reach the airport and leave the country although protesters of blocked the roadways with trees and boulders michael cohen for cbs news detroit the trump administration is missing a court deadline to reunite children under five and their parents who were separated at the border the aclu says the trump administration says there are one hundred two children under five being detained and it will likely be able to reunite roughly a bit more than half with their parents by the deadline but no more the government filed papers on friday asking the judge to give it more time and heard arguments over the issue part of the problem is the time it takes for the dna results so the government reunites the right kids with the right parents the judge granted the extension but once on tuesdays deadline a list of families that will be reunited jim roope los angeles a colorful makeover coming to philidelphia's fifth street tunnels to explain his kyw sharon day howard the mural connect next you with the nature that was here before the bridge was even here they're building connections through time said local artists brad carney melissa mundell winners of the fifth street mural contest and are hoping to have their fifth street pedestrian tunnel mural completed by fall of this year the dedication should be sometime in october for mural arts month crossing my fingers kearney says the murals are meant to artistically tell the story of the bridges the people who built them and the communities they serve these are maintenance workers here looking over the bridge taking care of it and some subtle nods is there's two falcons ones on the light there's one flying they live on the benjamin franklin bridge carney has been chosen to complete another high profile mural to be announced later this summer charity howard kyw newsradio wbz news time one twenty two traffic.

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